I’m tired and lazy so this is all you get

The boys both saw the doctor today. I’m to tired and lazy to write a witty post so I’ll attach the email I sent out to family along with a few of my favorite pictures lately,

Brandon and Codi both had appointments today. Brandon his three year and Codi his 9 month. The highlight is that somehow both boys were caught up and NEITHER needed shots. I think I was happier then they were.

Brandon weighed in at 30.6 pounds and was just over 33″. He is finally in the 50% for height AND weight. This is a large feat since he spent the first year and a half of his life in the 3rd percentile. The rest of him was in great shape. The doctor laughed at all his battle wounds. He really laughed when I told him the scar on his back involved trying to climb up to the second shelve in a home depot. He was impressed with his speech and coordination. He did say that his tonsils are big and that we need to keep an eye on them over the years because they are at risk for infection. He also said Brandon’s night time sleep disturbances sound related to night terrors. He gave me great advice on what to do so hopefully that helps out.

Codi is weighing in at 18.6 pounds. Weight and height were both 25% but his head is 75%. I don’t call him fat head for nothin! The doctor walked in right when he was standing up pushing the stool around like a walker. he thought that was great and noted that Codi is right on track if not ahead of the game. His tracking and hand movement was great. He smiled and giggled and put up a tremendous fight over diapering. We laughed over that because the hand out for a child his age said a developmental milestone was the resistance of diapering. Codi still has no teeth. They are there, we can tell they are coming but for now they just tease. His bottom tooth is close to popping out. So close in fact that his little gum is now bruised in that area while it waits for it to pop out. Poor dude. He is so sad about this he has decided to express himself by biting me while he eats. That way we can both suffer I guess. He is also still not eating anything but breast milk. The doctor said it was still fine since he is obviously not malnourished. For a while he would snack on organic rice puffs, cinnamon Life, organic crackers and the occasional Popsicle. Lately though his mouth hurts so much he is hardly eating. Tonight he did explore some spaghetti though.

I find his eating habits funny because they are 100% opposite of Brandon. Brandon ate anything and everything and now will barely eat anything. Rob and I often joke that Codi eating nothing now means he will eat anything and everything when he is older. The doctor was very happy to hear that I’m still nursing. He doesn’t even bother listing off the benefits of nursing to me anymore since he knows my thoughts on how amazing nursing is. He agreed with my wishes to nurse Codi as long as Brandon (15 months) and said to encourage food a little more aggressively towards a year but not to force him now since he is thriving just fine on breast milk.

Over all it was a great visit. The boys are really don’t good. They are keeping Rob and I on our toes. I don’t even remember what holding still feels like. Even in my dreams I’m thinking about chasing after those boys. One things for sure, they complete our life and are my whole soul.

Shit like this makes me all squishy and dorky inside

Pretending he isn’t making messes

Out of focus because mom does not know how to focus in timer mode

Passed out after a shower

My husband keeps tellinng me he isn’t addicted to burritos. This weekend he came to me, showed me his phone and asked if having the burrito store listed under his FAVORITES in his phone was a bad thing. I think it’s worse they know him by name when he calls in his order on Fridays

This picture makes me sing the stupid pirate song from Lazy Town

Daddy come home mom is driving us nuts

This is the face he makes at night when daddy goes to softball. He cried for hours and finally we had to call daddy so he could cry on the phone to him.

Happy spaghetti head

7 thoughts on “I’m tired and lazy so this is all you get

  1. Has Rob seen the picture of Brandon crying on the phone?? I\’m pretty sure that is the saddest picture I have ever seen! That would make me run home from softball to never return!! Very cute and glad to hear both appointments went really well!


  2. Umm i have the Chinese Food place number in my phone…they do\’t know me by name though! LOL!I love th pics they are SOOO precious. Now I have a visual of what was going on last night when we were talking. Awww Brandon is so cute!


  3. Awww…poor widdle Brandon!! So sad!!! I hate the percentile thing. What is average anyway?? I think your kids look great, healthy, happy, and all that stuff. Rob should take poor widdle Brandon to softball with him. :(And you look great…pic wasn\’t out of focus at all. πŸ™‚


  4. Glad both boys are doing so good :)Man, you are so lucky that your doctor is supportive of breastfeeding. It almost feels like doctors here at the health clinic are anti-breastfeeding past the age of 6 weeks…


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