I was just going to the bank

I have the day off today. I decided to keep Brandon home from school with me since we rarely get that chance. I was lounging here when I remembered I had to get to the bank. I told Brandon to hurry up and lets run to the bank and out the door we went. On my way there my mom called from work and asked if I could bring her some breakfast. So I was heading to get that and Brandon suddenly says I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL MOM SCHOOL NOW SCHOOL WHERE IS MY SCHOOL.

Okay stop.

I’m in sweats. An old maternity cami NO BRA and I have no shoes on. I forgot my glasses, I haven’t brushed my hair and I look like hell. Brandon is in jammie pants that are shorter then his undies and his hair and face haven’t been fixed. Codi is wearing nothing but a diaper.

Well shit. So I call my mom who tells me there is an old pair of 2T sweats of Brandons at the shop. We cut those off to look like those really expensive Gap sweat shorts I pay so much for and wash his face. However I still had to drag him and my naked baby into day care as I’m barefoot with armpit hair down to my knees my boobs hanging down to my toes because had no bra strapping them up and my hair looking like…well similar to most of the toddler girls hair there.

The girl at the front desk laughed at me when I commented that the other parents there must really find me ghetto. The worst part is, I got there at a later drop off time then normal which meant I actually had to see like 400 parents instead of the usually one or two I see. Oops.

I’m just glad that at the last second while I was rushing Brandon out the door he stopped and asked to have his shoes on. Otherwise this could have been even worse.

Cake wrecks

I’ve gotten totally hooked on a blog. It is called Cakewrecks. It’s short and sweet, usually one or two updates a day. Often times I have to read the bloggers description to even find the error. But seriously you need to bookmark this page, it’s always good for a morning laugh. (These are all real cakes, and all made by professionals, or grocery stores). Here are a few of my favorites.

These people probably got charged for the extra lettering

What the fuck exactly is this? They claim watermelon. I say drunken kermit

I don’t know if the word fuck up is worse or the colors

Because this looks exactly like the Olympic logo


Coffee Slut tagged me for a meme

I haven’t done meme’s in sooo long but I figured what the shit, why not huh. So here goes.

First you post the rules:
1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks you possess.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

1. I love love love sucking Codi’s boogers. Not because I like being mean and watching him scream, but more because I am totally impressed by what comes out. So impressed that I actually show it off to other people. And, if no one is around I stick it on a kleenex and wait until later to show Rob the MASSIVE booger I just pulled. Ask him, I just ran in the room while he was showering to show him the one I just got not even five minutes ago.

2. Keeping in theme, I hate when I just clip my nails and can’t pick my nose. I will actually not clip my nails and let them be too long to functionally type just so I can pick my nose better for longer!

3. I hate bleu cheese. But I love how it looks melted on stuff. I think one of the sexiest looking foods is steak with bleu cheese melted on it. I eat neither of those foods.

4. I think there are two reasons I haven’t fallen off the drinkign wagon. 1. I feel like drinking and nursing is the worst thing you can do as a mom. 2. When my son was born my dad quit drinking (he had like one beer a month). He still hasn’t drank. I’ll be damned if I start drinking before he does!!!!!!!!!!

5. Following the blogging theme this week of MY KID WON’T EAT. Codi will not eat. He will eat breast milk, cinamon life and ice cream. THAT IS IT. No baby yogurt, no rice cereal, no oatmeal, zero veggies, fruits or meats. Oh wait, last night he ate a bite of jello. Because that’s healthy right?

6. I really wish street signs were easier to take. I’ve always wanted to take a street sign but I totally don’t have the balls for it. Down the road from me is a teeeeeeny little street that is named after someone I know. I’m dying to take the damn sign but again I HAVE NO GUTS!

Now I have to tag people. I want to tag 6 people that I don’t normally tag. Lets see.

Moo, Jennifer (Jiff), Randi, Lorie Loo, Heidi (eramblings) And my sweet Laura!

In good company

Conversations with LindsAy

I love fried stuff with cheese..ME TOO

You rock because your not a cynical assholish bitch

It’s easier to just bench press chips into my mouth

my boobs are massive right now, i dont know what sup
fuck you gravity


I tried to run last night
You did good
No, a 20 minute mile is not good
Just start slow, running isn’t natural to your body
No fried stuff with cheese is natural to my body
why do you think I did a half marathon!? I got to eat a shit ton of fried crap

I should have punched her in the uterus

I am sore as shit

but we boned like 5 times last week and that was a big deal
boned? hahahah
I say boned, yes

Conversastion with Ginger at lunch

In need of a vice

Tonight someone stopped by my house. I was in the middle of making dinner. Something I haven’t done in over a week. Why? Because I had Brandon’s birthday party meaning I had family in and out all week. Even when I didn’t have family staying here we were still out to dinner with them or something. Friday I had the day off and I spent the first half of the day at the stores buying some new bedding and some other odds and ends. Then family came by and we went out bowling and to dinner. Saturday I spent the day in my room. I decluttered my bathroom counters, did some laundry, and picked up parts of the house. Saturday night Rob and I didn’t have Brandon and Codi actually napped so we just sat down ate dinner and watched a movie together. It was nice. Sunday I did a lot of grocery shopping, all of Brandons laundry, Robs laundry and washed the whites (Rob folded them). I got everything ready for the week, laid out Brandons change of bedding for school and cleaned up some of his toys. I even cleaned part of my bathroom and washed some rugs. Sunday night I went to a birthday party and had a great time. I needed that. While I got a lot done this past week, at the same time I didn’t‘ get shit done.

Back to the point. Tonight someone stopped by as I was cooking. They were there a short amount of time and the only two things they could say was, my garden died and it was my fault and my house was a mess. Which of course was my fault. They left and I was deflated. Here I was just trying to cook a meal for my husband since I haven’t done it all week and the life was sucked right out of me. I stood there for a minute and all I could think was I want to have a shot. Nope can’t do that. Fine I’m going to smoke something. Nope can’t do that. Fine I’ll eat a donut. Nope can’t do that. Well what the fuck. I’m all out of vices. Someone suggested running. Sure let me just stop dinner and take of running. Nope can’t do that. I need a real vice. A quick fix and I got nothing. So I did the most logical thing I could think of. I rocked out to my new favorite song and then set out cleaning. I cleaned the bath tub, bath seat and toys. I emptied all of the trashes. Cleaned off all of the kitchen counters. Got two loads of laundry in the wash and one is in the dryer. I put all the mail in my designated “ignore” pile and cleaned off the top of the washer and dryer (my end of the day catch all for junk). I put away the clothes on my dresser and set to work wiping random shit down. I realized I was angry at the comment that person made. Angry that I was finally trying to accomplish something as simple as dinner and it wasn’t enough. I’m looking around now at all the other shit I need to do. The table needs wiped down the place mats need changed. The fridge needs cleaned and the pantry needs organized and the fucking donuts are still staring at me.

The truth is that I kind of purposely let my house go some. I thought I would be moving soon and so I thought I would be packing soon. I figured I would finally get a chance to declutter and garage sale some shit. But now, with the house being pushed out even farther I guess I have to suck it up and do a deep fall cleaning.

I just wish I had a vice. I wish I could be responsible enough with my drinking to just throw a few back tonight. The sad truth is, I probably could handle it now. I’m in a different place but I won’t let myself find out. I think that if I ever took another drink I would be so let down that would send me spiraling. It’s become sort of a game now. How long can I go with out drinking. But the other truth is, I’ll always have my depression, I’ll always have the lows like I’m having now, and I’ll never be able to tell the difference between tossing some back to relax and tossing a bottle back to drown my sorrows.

I think I’m lucky I’ve made some new great friends. I think lately those friends have been my saving grace. Still though, I don’t have a vice. Do you have a vice? What is yours? Are there any vices out there that I can do while nursing that won’t affect my waist line, and that aren’t too too illegal?

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