It’s how you know who the real friends in your life are

(I’m on my lunch break this doesn’t count as blogging at work okay mom)

I’m on my period. I’m generally cranky and mean today. I’m also ravenous and in need of chocolate. Finally I give up, and decide I’m going next door to see what kind of sugar product I can locate. Fuck, at this point I think I would eat jelly off a spoon ( I know someone who used to do this when hungry at restaurants). While I’m outside cussing out my cramps and mocking things in my head I decide to check the mail. Inside in a bright PINK envelope I found a present from my secret lover. She really is good to me. My favorite part about Cristina is that she sends me shit for no reason. Not because she fucked up, or she wants something, or whatever, she does it, because she reads my stuff and knows I’m fucking freaking out and could probably use a chocolate bar right about now.

Want to know what was in the envelope?

Seriously, if that girl would move here I would marry her ass now! As payback for my last gift I mailed her a book and now that I finally got the other book back I wanted to send her I’ll be sticking that in the mail with something else. I don’t know what yet I want to think of something extra special rad to send to her because she always has my back!

Anyway, if your wondering what real friends are made of, that’s it right there CHOCOLATE IN THE MAIL!!!!!! (Or chocolate soufflĂ© on your door step Gingy!)

7 thoughts on “It’s how you know who the real friends in your life are

  1. This is actually kind of funny because, while I don\’t have a chocolate souffle for you, I did buy you a little chocolately surprise that I was going to drop off on my way home from work today…Sorry, no time to make chocolate souffle\’s today!


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