Shannon in bullets…things that suck edition

* When you wake up in the middle of the night, crash around your nightstand for some Oragel, squish it hard enough to get some out and then feel it drip down all four of your fingers and onto your bed. Next time you should try and wake up enough to remember that is a new tube of Oragel so you don’t have to squeeze it so fucking hard.

* When your on your period and your panty liner folds over so next time you pee you rip out hair and create your own personal brazillian wax.

* When your good friend stops by with some exotic cookies and you eat all but 2 before morning. When you realize you only saved the cookies so you could dunk them in your fucking coffee in the morning.

* Trying to make it through a day on only one small cup of coffee with no other source of caffeine for the remainder of the day.

* When you wake up thinking that its the NEW best day ever because your new Macs (and upgrade for existing Macs) arrives, but then you can’t open them yet because the computer guy isn’t there. Meaning you spend the entire day staring longingly at cardboard boxes knowning there are shiny new iMacs in there that YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT!

* When the only room in your new house that is done is your kitchen, so you move your kitchen when you have friends and help in town, and then spend the next few days McGyvering dinner together with one plate, one pan, a spoon, and some plastic cups. Yeah, dinner is interesting.

* Teething babys…WHO BITE

* When you fold 4 loads of laundry AND THEN realize you now have to put 4 loads of laundry away.

* When you find one more fucking load in the dryer.

* Not having enough money to eat every meal at the super awesome salad bar you discovered by your house!

* So you eat chips, bread and cheese instead.

* Admitting you watch America’s Next Top Model


* Realizing it is time to get ready for work and you only have a half cup of coffee in you..this day isn’t going to be any better then yesterday!

8 thoughts on “Shannon in bullets…things that suck edition

  1. OMG. I laughed SO Hard at the pantyliner thing. That has happened to me everyday for the past month! You\’d think I have NOTHING left. 😦 I guess that makes me sound gross now, huh. Great.Anyway, the laundry rang a bell with me too. Ugh. I have some at home. 😦


  2. I can relate to that pantiliner thingy! That happened to me a few weeks ago and it really hurt!!!!ouch! I had to put water down there to ease out the stickiness of the pantiliner, yeah gross but my \”tip\” might help other women out there lol.


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