A few random pics

Brandon eating his first ever taco from daddies favorite taco joint. He loved all of it but the onions

My husband and his friends are VERY creative huh?

Brandon picked me some flowers. My mom was worried I don’t weed enough…but see I’ve got Brandon on the job!

Ginger showed up at my house with these cookies the other night. A few days ago we were talking about some Oreo’s that Brandon’s teacher suggested we try. We went on a mission to locate them and when we did we were totally disappointed. Ginger mentioned these other cookies she had once. About 5 days later she emails me to tell me she actually drove out of her way to the little place that sells them to buy me some just so I could taste them.


This might be the best cookie I’ve ever had. It was a cross between a chocolate covered graham cracker, a kit kat and a little slice of HEAVEN ON EARTH!

They can be found at World Market

Rob waving at the camera. The other picture was actually him flipping me off. Why?

This is about the 298598th time this month he has had to move the fridge. Do you know why? Because our fridge has a water and ice feature. Rob likes to prop his water bottle up into the water filler thing and then WALK AWAY. Every damn time he walks away and just leaves it to overflow and flood the ENTIRE FUCKING KITCHEN. He floods it so damn bad he has to pull out the fridge and mop under that. Sigh!

Hmmm what is in this cabinet?

It’s my brother Brandon!!!!!

Hi Codi want to come into my fort?

Sure I’ll come in and play


Other random tidbits.

Karma is laughing at me. I just went to pack my lunch and realized that the very water bottle that Rob floods the house with all the time was sitting on the counter with out a lid ON IT’S SIDE. Yeah it had flooded my entire cabinet, lunch, appliances and so on.

Rob told me last night that until he moved to Reno he had never had real mashed potatoes only BOXED mashed potatoes. I find that weird. It reminded me of back in the day when my cousin Lisa and I would be broke and hungry. We would get on her moped scrounge up a buck and go to the store and buy a box of mashed potatoes. It would feed us for quite a while.

Codi finally got a tooth. He also finally ate some food. He has eaten about 4 bites of spaghetti, 3 bites of sweet potatoes, 3.5 bites of banana and 58983047 organic Cheetos. Fucking kid hates food. No rice cereal, oatmeal, veggies, mashies, bread, butter, NOTHING.

Wait. I forgot. He will eat ice cream. No maternity test needed, he is mine!

Brandon has taken to walking around in his underwear with his hand down his pants like Homer. Which reminds me of last nights conversation. Talking to my husband last night we stumbled upon a conversation where he told me that him and his brother compared “sizes” when they were younger. This totally peeked my curiosity. Is this normal? Do all brothers show their stuff and compare? Do girls compare boobs and I’m just out of the loop because I didn’t have a sister? What other weird things do siblings do that I don’t know about??????

Learning quirks about siblings is one thing, but learning quirks about boys is a whole other thing for me. I don’t know shit about gross things boys do growing up. I’m in for it aren’t I?

9 thoughts on “A few random pics

  1. I'd never had instant mashed potatoes until Hubby & I got together. I mean, I'm sure I'd had them at restaurants/fast food places (read: KFC), but never at home. What else was I going to say????


  2. This was a good post…it made me giggle! Loved the pictures of the boys playing in the cupboard!! I asked Dave if he and his brothers compared sizes…he said no…but now I am interested too!! I want to learn about all the gross fun boy stuff from you 🙂


  3. I have to say it would be fun to have a taste test night where you have a ton of different bite sized foods and have him see which ones he likes. But that is work, no? The fridge thing/water bottle – men never grow up. But it does make me feel better knowing other husband\’s do stuff like this. My fav boy question – why do my balls sweat and itch? Hello, go ask your dad!


  4. I make some KICK ASS mashed potatoes but they are SO high in calories and fat. I just make the \”special\” ones for the holidays. The rest of the time it\’s just regular and they are good…and not out of a box.Um… boys do a LOT of gross things. And my husband told me about how he and his best friend compared too. It\’s so nasty. They were younger, but still. Yuck.


  5. Oh you have timm tamms! They\’re really good. We have tones of diff flavours in new zealand. Ever had a timm tamm orgasm? Get a timm tamm.. take a small bite off each end, sit it just in your coffee (or other hot drink) then suck gently until you feel the drink comming through the bisccuit then shove it all in your mouth before it crumbles in your hands! It really is orgasmic! I havent had any for a year now. Doin the whole healthy eating thing. I used to eat a packet during one week of the month. Cant think why lolYou have the cutest kids!


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