In which the dorkyness reaches new levels…and Codi makes a mess

Last week some boxes arrived. What was in them?

Let’s open them and see


It’s my brand new IMAC!!!
(This totally replaces Whole Foods day as the new BEST DAY EVER)

I looove coming to work now! 24″ I guess size really does matter!

Last week Codi was standing behind his walker pushing it around. Funny, he was walking the walker. Anyway suddenly I heard him crying and I turned around to see that somehow he had went from walking behind it to climbing the damn thing.

No clue how but he somehow managed to climb up on top of it and get himself stuck. He was pissed!


But the real reason you’re all here today.

Is to see what happens when you let THREE perfectly capable people watch your son in the office across the hall.


They let him play with a red stamp pad.



He had to get a bath at work!

8 thoughts on “In which the dorkyness reaches new levels…and Codi makes a mess

  1. He looks like he got into a fight with a cupcake that had that horrible staining red frosting!! Oh my god and the one picture where he is looking up at you like mom stop taking the damn picture and get me out of this walker thing!!! Hilarious. He is so stinking cute!


  2. I had no idea they made monitors that big…that\’s awesome! Oh I believe one of those Mac boxes was supposed to come to you NY office (hint hint my house) I\’ll take good care of it!Boy does Codi look pissed there on all fours! LOL Too cute!The red stamp ink all over him looks scary! Poor Codi!


  3. Nellie, Yes I have one child her name is Shannon the other person is my niece and she is 15. She was sitting on the floor cleaning the stamps and Yo my office girl was helping me pay bills we were both sitting at my desk. I never said I was capable but we are cheap baby sitters we took the stamp pad from him 3 times and some how he kept getting it back. I think he looks good in red how about the rest of you what do you think my niece said he didn’t like the blue.


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