Well shit

My house got broken into today. My husbands Macbook, my Macbook Pro, our PS3, Wii, NES, cash, jewlery, two guns and various other things are gone. They entered by shattering the sliding glass door to my bedroom. They dumped out every drawer in my room and every single thing in my closet now lays on the floor. I’m the most bothered by the guns. The neighbor said they saw two teenage kids walk out of my back yard. That means two idiot teenagers are out there walking around with guns registered to my husband. They also have all of my passwords, every photo ever taken of both my children, my accounting info and lots of other random things.

Will post more when I know more!

18 thoughts on “Well shit

  1. Oh my gosh, thankfully you are all okay! Was this at the new house or the old house? Hopefully you can recover some of the goods, and the little bastards don\’t shoot anyone or use your info!


  2. OMG! I hope you guys weren\’t home when it happened! And I\’m so sorry about your stuff being gone! You don\’t seem as angry as I thought you might…maybe you\’re in shock? Or maybe you\’re just not conveying it in your post. I know you must feel violated. That\’s a LOT of stuff gone! And that\’s VERY VERY scary about the guns!! OMG. OMG. Anything I can do???


  3. Oh my God I am so sorry. I will pray for you guys and I hope they catch them. I hate thinking there are people in this world that do things like that. So glad that you guys are okay though. Thinking of you.


  4. Shannon this is horrible!! I\’m so sorry this happened! Was this at the new house or the old house? Hopefully they catch the shits and they are able to get your stuff back.


  5. oh my word!!!! I can\’t even think of what to write here!! Please know that I\’m thinking about you guys and if you need ANYTHING I\’d be happy to help – yes all the way from Cali!!!! Hang in there 😦


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