Things are fucking crazy lately. With the break in, the attempted move, and fucking 15 year old kids running away! I will take some pics of the house tonight so you can see the progress we have made. The way it’s looking we can possibly move in by this weekend, but I won’t hold my breath since we are now dealing with the above mentioned 15 year olds bullshit!

My neighbor lady is really nice and very crafty and has agreed to do both the boys rooms for me. Brandons room will have a full wall shelf with old fishing paraphernalia on it. Thing old rods and reals, nets, tackle boxes and so on. Also a shadow box with different fishing lures. Codi’s room will follow his same antique truck and star routine. She is creating some giant light up star night light thingy to go above his crib with nothing but plywood and Christmas lights.

We just purchased some awesome used slip cover couches for the main living room off Craigslist. Our game room is going for a FULL OF BOXES, NO GAMES BECAUSE THEY ALL GOT STOLEN kind of look. It’s all the rage.

Heard from insurance today. He was putting in our claim and would get back to me midweek on what, if anything would be reimburresed and refunded and so on. I love waiting. Haven’t balanced my checkbook in over a week because it’s all so chaotic right now.


I’ll post pics tonight if my brain remembers!

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