Moving on uppppp to the top

I wanted to take pictures of the house to update the Clusterfuck blog but then we started moving in and it got a little messy so I didn’t. Tomorrow I am going to do a quick clean so I can take photos and give you and idea of how fucking amazing this place is. Seriously. You can’t even understand where I’m living. The colors came together just right and the rooms and the accessories and the hardwood floors, well I’m just saying WHERE HAVE THESE FLOORS BEEN ALL MY LIFE? Hard wood is different then Pergo too. Especially these because they are old so there is dips and bends and history and it’s not just uniform. Some little updates and antics.

Last night my mom and I were on a rampage for curtains. As a last ditch effort we went to bed bath and beyond. That happens to be located next to World Market. While we wandered around World Market we noticed this beautiful dining room table. We also noticed it was solid wood with two leaves, can seat ten and WAS ONLY $399.00 FOR THE TABLE AND FOUR CHAIRS. Now! You’re probably wondering why we needed a table. Well! When I was young my parents bought me a house. Since I was a child and obviously in a drinking party phase we bought a lot of cheap furniture for me. One of those things was a table. Since I was young I didn’t understand why you needed trivets when you put hot stuff on the table. Over the last seven years my table has acquired the nicest little family of hot spots a table ever did see. When we moved my dad offered to sand my table and re varnish it. Only problem is half way through we discovered my table was really veneer under the wood and now we couldn’t put the honey Polyurethane on it because you could now see veneers. So he then attempted to paint it. But, since it was cheap all the flaws in the wood veneer came out. Needless to say the whole thing turned to shit and I reallllly needed a table. I hemmed and hawed about it, and left the table at the store. This morning I looked at my little 4 person fucked up table and sent my husband to the store to get a new table with 6 chairs. They over charged him though. Turns out the sale sign expired on September 21st and they forgot to remove the sign. Luckily they were nice and they honored it and gave us back the money. Turns out the table alone was originally $900.00 and I got a table and 6 chairs for $520.00. Score huh?

My mom watched Codi today for a long time. We unpacked and hit up a baby shower. After that my friend came over with her kid. Her baby started screaming and the next thing I know my boobs turned to rocks and I had to go dig out breast pads before I leaked all over the house. I find this funny because I had just put the brand new box of breast pads in the garage sale box because, “I don’t even leak anymore.” Oops

This house has crazy water pressure. Ask me how many times I’ve turned on the sink put my hands in the water and shot my whole shirt with water.

My husband is going to kill me right now because I’ve started all that “no just a little more to the left, just an inch to the right.”

All of our food is still at the old house in the old refrigerator. So we have our pantry stocked and moved but as far as the rest of the food, well we have butter, creamer, ranch, and umm oh milk. We are eating like kings here. Jack in the Box, Taco Bell and Papa Murpheys. Yeah we are doing good. Last week we made some pasta and I made too much. I had some left in the fridge, just the bare noodles. The other night I was so hard up for dinner I put pasta, olive oil and garlic powder together and called it dinner.

I have a list taller then me of shit I need too. Not want NEED! Stuff like anti slip things for the tables and beds. Or felt things to put on the bottom of the chairs so they don’t scratch the floors. I need lamps. I have no bedroom lamps or living room lamps. I need a damn end table. It is driving me bat shit crazy the stupid little things I need.

Anyway, I’m going to clean the house up and move some boxes around tomorrow so at least I can take some semi presentable pictures for y’all. You will be stunned at the change. I plan to also take video of the house so you can see how it all flows better then pictures. Along with that I will do room by room before during and after photos.

Coming soon we will talk about spiders. The massive amount of spiders we have here. Short furry quick ones, small ones with legs like needles, black widows, scary ones, odd ones, and spiders that disappear just when you try and smoosh them. We’ll talk about how I found a spider in Brandon’s little car he drives, right above where he would put his leg. He never would have known or seen it.

Insurance is reimbursing me for most of my loss too. They are depreciating it all, then after I buy the stuff again they will pay me the difference when I provide receipts. It’s taking forever though. I haven’t paid my bills in like two weeks because I don’t have a desk, or computer or BRAIN!

There have been about 40 funny things that happened this week that I really should have blogged. I just haven’t had much time to sit down and blog it all.

Anyway thank you for putting up with my lack of blogging lately. I appreciate it. You are all the best!

7 thoughts on “Moving on uppppp to the top

  1. Gyah!! It\’s about time!! Hehe. Glad you are getting moved in. And I hate when you move and realize you need more stuff… even though you were just fine without it before. Strange how that ALWAYS happens, huh?I can\’t wait to see the updated pictures!!And we have spiders too. We\’re calling this week to have someone come out and spray. Ick!!!


  2. So glad things are coming along and it sounds like you are getting moved into your house somewhat! Can\’t wait to see the pictures! As for the spiders…death to them all!


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