It is always the babysitter

Continuing my diary tales

Hello. I love Mike but I love Scott ____ and Tom _____ all exactly the same. Well I am so confused about who I should like more.
Tom=I’ve known him forever he’s real cute and is sweet has a great sense of humor and smile.

Mike= So fine, is my boyfriend, is sweet.

Scott= is cute, has a devil smile, is hella sweet sometimes.

I’ll decide somehow.

Dont you like how under Mikes list of qualities I actually had to remind myself that he was, you know, MY BOYFRIEND!

Note to self, you can flirt but that is it.”

Mike has these two sisters and when his parents go out of town they call Loretta the Super baby sitter! Well every time shes not there he says I love you but when she is all he says is bye. And if I don’t hang up he says if you have 2 go then hang up, usualy he says no don’t hang up please but when she is there he just says goodbye. When he went out with Katie T and Jenny he flirted with me he just cant stick to one girl.

First I love how I’m accusing him of not sticking with one person. Second, I have no idea if he really ever did anything with the baby sitter, but I do know years later while I was working at Macys I sold him a dress for the girl with him WHO WAS NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND.

Well whats up? I think I’m going to break up with Mike he is smothering me.

I don’t know if it was as much him smothering me or his mom who would run into the bedroom randomly and yell HAND CHECK! Or who made us watch movies with him on the couch and me ten feet over there in the chair.

Okay here’s the deal. I’m in love with Tom and Scott but I want to go out with Trevor.”

So guess what I pierced my ear all the way up to the top and so did Ginger. Then I went out with Trevor for 2 days but I dumped him. I really like Chad, Kieth, Andy, Scott and Tom but I will never get them.

Guess what I’m going out with Ryan

He dumped me it’s over

Ryan is so sweet after he dumped me he called to make sure that I was okay and everything was good so now I feel much better cause I was really sad but now I know hes so sweet and hes real shy so that had to have taken a lot of couarage for him to do.”

What the fuck was I thinking? Oh he called me to make sure I was okay LAME!

This is so cool I’m going out with Ryan again.”

Obviously not lame enough huh.

I’m still in love with Tom. He ruined my life totally, nothing is the same. I mean if he was never here everything would be great. Life is okay here not the best, I’m still going out with Ryan although I like Justin more I found a new favorite song called Wonderful.

Update I’m still with Ryan but I really really like Joe.”

Okay so first of all. Mike. That kid was sooo weird. All I remember about him was that his mom made him chew this wierd all natural sugar free gum so he always tasted like that. I also remember that his mom hid the gum in the cabinet. When we had our first kiss it was in the third row seating of his parents suburban driving around looking at Christmas lights. It never occurred to either of us that his dad could TOTALLY see us in the rearview mirror. The kicker is his sister was sitting next to me holding my hand. In my other hand was my gum which somehow melted and ended up stuck all over me and my jeans. He slobbered a lot, worst first kiss ever.

Andy was a total rebel, even to this day I think he was cute for a 7th grader. My mom hated him. Justin ended up being my crush for the next fivish years. I eventually hooked up with him and that relationship takes up an entire diary.

Ryan was super weird. He used to chew on ski wax while we talked and he cried a lot.

Trevor had really red hair. After I dumped him I believe I called him lizard tongue and possibly fire crotch. I was not nice huh?

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