When Brandon was a baby he ate everything. By everything I mean EVERY SINGLE THING YOU FED HIM. One of his favorite foods was the YoBaby yogurt. He actually used to call it Honcrean. No one got this but me. You see we would always say “Are you hungry” and offer him yogurt. He couldn’t say hungry so he said Honcrean instead. For almost a year no one understood that he meant yogurt when he said that but me. I never corrected them or informed them because I enjoyed being the only one to know that word and the only one to always show up with exactly the right food while they all scratched their heads.

When Codi came along I figured he would be like Brandon. I quickly learned Codi hates food. Here is a quick list of things I have tried to feed him unsuccessfully:
Rice cereal, oatmeal, all baby food, home made roasted butternut squash, mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes, roasted potatoes, organic 3 cheese tiny raviolis, spaghetti (he did eat about 6 noodles ONE TIME ONLY), baby yogurt, adult yogurt, cheese, chicken, hot dogs, bread, toast with butter, cream cheese and jelly (all no), macaroni, cous cous, peaches, cherry’s, strawberries and so on.

Things he has successfully eaten: Dry cereal, Organic vanilla cookies, tortilla chips, organic ritz type crackers and saltines, watermelon, grapes (cut in half no skin), cantaloupe, chocolate covered pretzels (ahem papa grrr), french frys (ahem grandma grrr) and ice cream. That is all the little shit will eat. Oh and breast milk.

He will not take formula or milk. He likes water, no loves water, and will sip some apple juice and water and that is it. Every few days I try again, I attempt to offer him something. All week I’ve been offering my yogurt. NOPE! Then this morning I offered it and he ate it. But it was at the very end so I ran out. Not wanting to stop the eating I ran and grabbed Brandons Organic kids yogurt. It was actually one of their Yo Kids Squeezers (their version of GoGurt), cherry flavor. He ate that shit up!

I love this stuff. You can browse their website here. They are only 60 calories so for adults they are a terrific healthy snack that satisfies a sweet craving, plus they taste like fruit not Red 3 and Yellow 4. The ingredients are readable (Rather, their recipe: Organic reduced fat milk, naturally milled organic sugar, organic tapioca starch, organic cherry juice from concentrate, natural flavor, organic carob bean gum, pectin, carrageenan, organic beet juice concentrate (for color) Vitamin D3.) and my favorite part is their slogan NO YUCKY STUFF. I’m thrilled that Codi picked something to eat and that it was HEALTHY!

However, I’m no idiot, I know that since I went and spoke of this eating out loud Codi will of course NEVER EAT YOGURT AGAIN! I’m interested to see what the future holds. Brandon my little vacuum now eats next to nothing. I thank my lucky stars for pre-school because the monkey see monkey do effect has at least encouraged him to try new things. What I do know is HE HATES SALAD! I wonder, if Codi will end up eating everything when he is older since the little shit refuses to eat anything now.

I am lucky that for the most part both of my kids like fruit. I think that is because we always have it around and I’ve always offered Brandon fruit before anything. Codi hates bananas but so far Brandon eats almost any fruit. We all love grapes though. I keep those on hand always because I have a mega sweet tooth and grapes are so sweet that if I pop a handful of those in my mouth the sweetness curbs any desire for candy or cookies. Brandon likes em because they pop and Codi likes em because they feel good on his teeth. I also love to freeze them. Frozen grapes are soo good. They don’t get solid, they turn a little softer then Popsicles and end up tasting like little whole fruit mini Popsicle bites. Anyway I guess even though Codi won’t eat real meals I am glad the things he generally gnaws on are mostly good for him.

Have any of you had this problem? How did you get your kids to eat? This is totally new territory for me since my first kid was a hoover. Tell me your tips and secrets and full proof kid meals that babies will undoubtedly eat. I am going to reattempt roasted butternut squash with a little cinnamon and Agave Nectar tonight but cube it up and see if he just mashes it or if he eats it.

2 thoughts on “HOLY SHIT HE ATE

  1. My son will eat/try just about anything even, though he has his moments. My daughter on the other hand…PICKY! She drives me nuts. We\’ve sort of had to just tell her she has to eat what\’s made for meals or go without, otherwise I\’d be making peanut butter and jelly with a side of donuts for every meal. I do try to mostly make things they like and eventually she does finally just give in and eat, because who can be hungry and NOT eat?


  2. Wow. I don\’t have to worry about this just yet… so I\’m interested to hear the suggestions you get. Good luck!!Oh, and I used to eat frozen grapes as a kid ALL the time!


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