It appears that the people who stole my computer are finally getting around to playing with it. Here are a few of the amusing little things I have noticed:

*Every morning I wake up to find that I have blocked 3-4 people on Yahoo Messenger. It has happened twice with my mom which means that when she is writing to ask me work related things I’m not getting it because she is blocked. Last couple mornings shes tried telling me she was writing me but I wasn’t reply and every morning I told her she was crazy, nope turns out she was right. I also apparently blocked my friend Erica and had no clue why I couldn’t see her for almost two days before I realized she was some how on my blocked list. This is a huge pain because I don’t use Yahoo the program I use Adium a program that combines my yahoo and AOL accounts in to one. While I did change my yahoo and AOL passwords somehow they were still able to access via Adium. I dunno how but dammit! This also means that in order to fix it I have to take them off the blocked list from Adium then log into Yahoo and take them off that blocked list also. UGGG!
*I woke up this morning to find my Facebook account deactivated with an email in my inbox confirming my deactivation. NO THANK YOU I did not deactivate my facebook I was just kicking Patty’s ass in parking wars! I think I did forget to change the password on this one.
*A few people have been deleted off Myspace, along with a log of my Myspace settings being all jacked up and my home page now has this weird little purple dude on it instead of my cute home page I had picked. Grrrrr. I did change this password but the stupid password reset went to my Gmail account which NO I didn’t change because I forgot I had a goddamn Gmail account linked to anything important. I have now fixed this and put the email back to my yahoo email that is safe!
*I can now tell when the fuckers are on my computer because when you open my computer it automatically opens Adium and alerts me someone is signed on in my name (*edited to add it appears that while I changed the passwords Adium somehow updates no matter where it is, so it now has deactivated accounts but new reactivated accounts that they are some how able to open.) This is such a fucking tease because it’s like, hi I know you’re there ON MY COMPUTER FUCKERS but I can’t do anything about it. My computer is set to automatically attach to any wireless network, the police said they would have to do a lot of digging to find out where they are latching on. I can’t wait to find out what else they will fuck with.
* While they were able to log into my Adium it appears they have even chatted with my friends. A couple people referenced conversations I never had, and one person got upset that I left a conversation with out a reply…a conversation I never knew I was having. They also chatted with a guy I hadn’t talked to in years that I didn’t even realize was still on AOL (I only sign on AOL to chat with Patty) and now he won’t stop popping up saying hi all the fucking time!

Another thing that massively sucks is how many passwords I can’t remember. Everything was just memorized on there and what wasn’t was saved on Stickies on my desktop (A mac feature). This means I can’t pay certain bills because I don’t remember the passwords. These are all those websites that make you come up with extra creative passwords. You know, must have 3 letters 6 numbers 2 symbols rhyme with pony and be totally non rememberable! So I can’t pay my trash bill and to pay the car payment this month OMFG! I have my bills sent paperless which is fine until you call. Push 1 for English, push 2 to pay your bill push 2 if you really want to pay, now enter your account number. FUCK! I don’t have that. Because the company doesn’t actually email me a statement they email me a note saying my statement is available to view IF I CAN JUST LOG THE FUCK IN! So then I end up pushing 0 0 0 0 0 for the operator who informs me it’s an additional 15 dollar charge to pay it over the phone with a real person. Okay fine, give me my account number and I’ll call back and pay. NOPE! Fuckers got my $15.00.

I also can’t access my blog her ads thing because I have no idea what my three log in credentials were and I tried resetting it so many times I’m locked out. I got my monthly check last week though so at least for now I know things haven’t been messed with there.

This will all be remedied Tuesday when I finally buy a new computer and we unstuff the backup of my old computer. The great thing is our computer guy had just been here the week before the break in so I have all of my pictures, passwords, songs, bookmarks and recipes backed up. The bad part is how much we paid him to do that just for the computers to get stolen. Luckily he happened to back up Rob’s too (he backed us up because we were upgrading to system 10.5 from 10.3.9) so we also have all the pictures of his ballgames and his music too!

Luckily I changed my main email password, blog password, checking account password and so on so they couldn’t go sending any crazy emails or spending money I don’t have.

Either way, this shit is annoying the piss out of me. I am reactivating Facebook and looking to see who all was deleted on Myspace and now I just need to call Adium and figure out why these people are still able to log into my name.

**Updated to add: I have not purchased a new computer yet because while we were waiting for our insurance check to arrive I was informed that Apple may or may not be coming out with a new computer. Yesterday Apple finally confirmed that on Tuesday they will be releasing new Macbooks and Macbook Pros, so the husband and I are patiently waiting until Tuesday to get our shiny new computers!

12 thoughts on “Fuckers

  1. anon: i\’m not sure. both people who saw the guys at my house said they were dark skinned (one said black, one said simply dark skinned from far away) possibly that was the driver. they have all of our serial numbers on our guns though so they will know right away if any of the weapons are ours.


  2. I don\’t think these are the guys cause they have a gold car and the ones that ripped you off had a red car. But maybe they used a friends this time or maybe Reno is just full of a bunch of fucking punks. Sparks police noticed suspicious behavior from three males and watched them enter a residence in Spanish Springs. Sparks police Lt. Brian Miller said after the three males left the building in a gold car, police saw obvious indications of burglary at the home including empty gun cases.


  3. Kind of funny anonymous must live in Reno and read the Reno paper.Funny how now you have an anonymous reader right here in Reno. Gee I wounder who it is.


  4. Damn. I know how upset I was when my purse got stolen last year a week before Christmas and that was just financial stuff, mainly. I couldn\’t imagine all my personal stuff being taken…that freaks me out FOR you. 😦


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