Building a home office

I finally have a desk! That means I can finally ORGANIZE a desk. I have picked up a few new things that I just love. The first are these oversized clothespins. I found them for $8.99. Pottery Barn sells something similar for almost $30.00. I love them. I put bills to pay in them and things to do. I got a green and a white one.
About a month ago Dooce featured these files on her style page. The moment I saw them I fell in love. I knew I would be getting an office soon so I went online and started researching files. I found so many awesome ones, but something kept drawing me back to the pink and green. Before I knew what was happening I was clicking order and a few days later they were on my doorstep!
I purchased these boxes in blue, white and green. They retail for $21.00 on See Jane Work but while I was roaming through TJ Maxx I spotted them clearanced for $7.00 and $7.99. I snapped those bad boys right up and I now keep them on the shelf behind my desk. One holds all of Brandons school papers and art work. One holds everything of Codis and one holds all of Rob and I’s romanitcal things.
I have picked up various other things, like a desk top box for documents or the cutest little napkin box that I now use as Rob’s “in” box. Meaning stop throwing away your fucking receipts and put them on my desk!

I have a small wishlist. This desk top tray, which price wise is totally unreasonable and unless TJ Maxx somehow gets it in I will never own. But still ISN’T IT RAD!

This adorable little desktop calendar! It has a different page for every month and is eco friendly.

And for my birthday Rob is buying me this. I love the movie Office Space, and if you haven’t seen it, the red Swingline makes no sense but, I sort of feel like the red Swingline is to the office what a Kitchenaid is to the kitchen.
I have other little things I want of course but I can’t find them all online. I’ve done great shopping at Ross and TJ Maxx though. I’m finding amazing deals. I purchased the most awesome bamboo bowl to hold the rocks that Rob brings me and I got some perfect wooden utensils that hang on the wall. They were FREE as they came out of one of these old houses when we were cleaning them. I took pictures of some of the great items I have acquired for free or very little money and as soon as I upload the other 100 pictures on my camera I will post them. I think some of it is pretty neat!

8 thoughts on “Building a home office

  1. All of your selections look awesome. And yes, that basket does look awesome. Hope it finds its way to a discount store near you! I'm a huge fan of Ross & TJMaxx, although I frequent Ross more often than the other. 🙂


  2. I LOVE shopping and decorating and SPENDING MONEY on things I absolutely cannot live without. I am SO jealous. It looks like you will have a great place to work. And that is half the battle. I hope you plan to post pics of the final product!! You could try an antique store for the wire basket. You may have to spray paint it, but I bet you could find one for a low price.


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