Makes you wonder

Did I ever tell you that once upon a time my husband was a post man? Well he was. Back in the day he was a post man. Funny shorts and hat included. He told me once that when he was delivering mail he used to stop at his girlfriends house for “lunch.” You know, lunch in bed. Ever since he told me that I’ve looked at my postmen differently. The guy at my old house always had a little spring in his step and I couldn’t help but wonder, is that because he just came from his lovers house, or is it because he’s about to stop and have “lunch” somewhere near by.

Now my husband works somewhere that has drivers and he tells me how some of his guys go home and take naps during their routes. I was totally stunned. That never occurred to me. So now of course I look at all my employees and wonder if they are secretly napping somewhere.

That reminds me of the time I pulled into one of my local favorite eateries to find one of my guys parked in back NAPPING in his truck.

Do you guys have any secret things you do at work? Like the girl in my office who ALWAYS uses our stamps to mail her bills. Or the person at my husbands work who uses the laminating machine for non work related things.

What kinds of sneaky things do you do at work? Nap, have “lunch,” borrow office supplies?

And also, have any of you had “lunch” at the work place, like on premises? I have once but not at my own work place, at my boyfriends work place. And it was fucking cold!

5 thoughts on “Makes you wonder

  1. LOL. I take a nap on one of my doc\’s couches. She is the one who told me to while I was prego and occasionally for my lunch hour I take a nap. It\’s pretty nice.


  2. I pretended I didn\’t hear the other person on the telephone while I was working as a call center rep. because he was so rude and mean and nasty, etc. We weren\’t allowed to hang up unless the customer did but he went on and on about his nasty and racist remarks to me so after some horrifying 20 minutes or so I I just said \”hello? hello?hello?are you still there?\” You can just imagine how madder I made him feel lol.


  3. Hmmm…In my early twenties, I worked at a place in DC. My bf at the time lived in STL, and I used to \”sneak out\” at lunchtime on Fridays—almost every Friday—to catch a plane to see him. I also ran every single one of my save the date\’s for my wedding through our postal stamper. Unbelivable, right? I have different standards for myself now, though, and I think that has to do with being a mom and feeling all accountable! Like the post. Oh! And I haven\’t gone to \”lunch\” in the workplace.


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