A quick reminder

I just wanted to remind everyone while you are buying your Halloween candy to make sure you have a peanut free option in there, Hersheys, or Starburst or anything sans nuts and nutbutters!

I would have a better post for you this morning but I have been up late with an 11 month old projectile vomiting OUT OF HIS NOSE!

I also don’t think I should blog while I am this angry. I had the pleasure of witnessing one of my family members doing probably the rudest thing possible this weekend and my anger is….well OBVIOUS!

Finally, my cousin Angie got married this weekend and she looked fucking hot you guys. Her husband pretty much bawled during the whole ceremony which totally made me bawl. During the reception she actually thanked me for starting the Tummy Tuck. I was pretty thankful too because I looked pretty darn great myself in my brand new stiletto heels! Anyway, she looked so good, the night was awesome and I can’t wait to see all of the pictures!

Also I broke a cardinal rule this weekend. I THREW AWAY A PURSE. A hot pink clutch to be exact. I had gone and bought two pairs of shoes and a clutch to go with my hot little party dress for my birthday this weekend. Then! In a rush to get ready for the wedding this weekend I just reached in the bag and grabbed both pairs of shoes out of their boxes. I tossed in other bags and random trash from my room and set it out for my husband to take to the trash. At 6am this morning the trash guys came. At 7am this morning I realized my fucking purse was probably being compacted at that very moment.

What kind of monster throws away a purse A HOT PINK ONE AT THAT!

4 thoughts on “A quick reminder

  1. Clearly poor Jiff does not want to know what said family member did or we could have a ranting blog forever haha! You did look adorable in your dress and yet you might have forgotten to post a picture of how cute you were in all your anger haha!And what can we say about my bawling groom…he\’s a sensitive little guy!


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