Chips and crackers…REALLY

I took Brandon to school this morning to discover a sign outside his classroom with a sign up sheet for their Halloween party on Friday. I was THRILLED because I have been dying to make something for his class for a party. However then I looked closer and discovered that the only things left to bring were fruit, juice boxes and chips and crackers. I don’t want to buy juice boxes because..NOT FUN AND/OR CRAFTY. I thought about doing cute little fruit cabobs with yogurt dip in little cups (shit I shoulda done that), but for some reason I signed up for chips and crackers. How unfun is that?

So oh wise internet do you have any ideas on fun chip and cracker things (with maybe some cheese)? I was thinking of getting cute little Halloween theme muffin cups and putting stuff in those BUT WHAT? Is there something rad I can CREATE out of crackers? Dammit I know Martha Steward would have some super great way of taking crackers, olives and chives and turning it into bats and cats and ghosts oh my BUT. AM. NOT. MARTHA. STEWART!


4 thoughts on “Chips and crackers…REALLY

  1. Ya totally!! Do you have small small small cookie cutters? You can cut different shapes out of the chesse you could try doing thosse whitche\’s fingers out of breadsticks (like the um ones that are normally cookies) that is so far what my pea sized preggo brain can think of. Oh you could do those cheese strings and pree peel them into spiders anf stuff….


  2. Hi there,De-lurking here to give you a idea. Take ritz crazers and make a sandwhich. we use peanut butter but since that is not a option for you guys, you could use cream cheese spread or that can fake can cheese sutff. Take pretzels sticks and stick them inside the sandwich sticking out like spider legs. Dip raisins in whatever spread you use to stick on the top of the crackers as eyes. Have fun!Michele


  3. Cutting the cheese into shapes is a really cute idea. You could also check out the Family Fun website, I\’m telling you, they have tons of cool ideas for everything kid related you could dream of. Good luck!


  4. You could make your own chips in the shape of pumpkins, bats or ghosts, using whole wheat tortilla or blue corn tortilla then hollow out a gourd or a small pumpkin and fill it with mild salsa or gaucomole. You could even decorate the gourd with various vegetables to give it a face like a pumpkin. That is all I got girl, hope it helps.


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