Silly moments

First, in case you forget what I’m doing for my birthday Ginger got me tickets to Fantasies in Chocolate again. If you’re wonder what that is, click here to have your eyes molested by chocolate (and to see me 179 months pregnant at last years event…this year I will be rockin). And yes I know YOU ARE VERY JEALOUS!

Now for the sillyness. The other day my husband and I were out at dinner and there was cake. I said I was full. Rob reached over and patted the side of my tummy and said, “babe did you forget about the special desert compartment.” I know, you’re thinking wow she’s a cow. But it was really the cutest thing ever because my husband knows that no matter how full I am THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR DESERT! I love that he knows me that well, and never judges my need for cake!

Tonight I baked Brandon mini cookies. I like to do this because when I do my son tells me, “mommy you are the best mommy cookie baker ever,” and “mommy you bake me cookies because you love me.” Anywho to spice it up tonight I smooshed some pumpkin ice cream between his chocolate chip cookies. His eyes lit up and he took a bite and ice cream gooed out and at that moment, I knew I had totally won at the mom thing……. for tonight anyway.

3 thoughts on “Silly moments

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY \”best mommy cookie baker!\” I love that he calls you that it is too cute!!!!OMG, love the new stove, if I had that I would definitely cook more!


  2. Happy Birthday!!!And wow… I\’m way impressed that you went to a chocolate thing pregnant. Cause that\’s a lot of eating and a lot of walking… but the eating is PERFECT for a prego woman!!!


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