I just went in to go pee. I flushed and suddenly OVERFLOW. I looked down to see that a certain 3 foot tall person had shoved a frigging paper cup in our toilet. Before I knew it my feet were surrounded in PEE WATER. I had to take off my scarf (no pee water on that) and jump behind the toilet to shut off the water. Then I had to plunge the damn cup out and clean up the mess. All I could think while that was happening is THANK GOD I HAD ON MY RAIN BOOTS!!!

Minutes after the over flowing toilet I walked into my office to find this.

See that there behind him???????????????

Appears Codi had a bit of a diaper blow out (for the second time today). I was on the phone with a customer so I put her on hold hauled ass out the door to get the other girl in the office (stopped for a photo) and by the time I made it back in he had turned around tracked through the poop tracked it all the way down the hall and out the front. His outfit was soaked from the waist down his hands, body and feet were covered and he was pissed. I had to stick him fully clothed in the kitchen sink and hose him down. It was a war zone people. Poop everywhere. I had to get poop on his head just to get the outfit off of him. Poor little guy. Hope this bug passes soon.

Just to let you have a little tally of may day:
*Woke up to find out Brandon had slept in an extra hour..making him wet the bed so I cleaned wet sheets.
*While walking out of the laundry room discovered tiny baby had left puddle of poop on the stairs. Passed diaper off to dad in honor of my birthday but still found myself cleaning poop.
*Came to work to find tiny child had plugged toilet…so cleaned toilet water off floor
*Sat down to breath only to breath in the giant stench of POOP and spent the last ten minutes cleaning poop off tiny baby AND ENTIRE OFFICE FLOOR!

Great start to my birthday huh?


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