Made By Crissy Mathers

My good friend over at Mathers Party of 4 started this cute little website where she makes ridiculously tasty home goods. Daily she teases me with pictures and previews of the things she is making. You can click her button up there to view her new made by blog or an even better idea would be to visit her Etsy shop and order some of this shit. Seriously it’s delish! The cinnamon apple stuff will blow your mind and her rubs and spices…WHOAH!

(Etsy store can be viewed by clicking button above or, here)

WARNING: Author of this blog is in no way responsible for any hunger pains you may experience by viewing these blogs. Also not responsible for treat cravings, weight gain or jealous rages caused by seeing the amazing things this girl makes. Author of blog will take responsibility for any misplaced treat orders….

So go, now, shop, eat, and let your mouth be happy!

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