Opposition and relief

As I mentioned before my husband and I are working on our finances. I also mentioned that I was reading this book. One of the chapters in the book talks about the people around. Dave (the author) says that often people trying to make changes in their lives will meet with violent opposition. These last few weeks as I’ve slowly told my friends and family that my husband and I are going to be making some drastic financial changes I prepared myself for that. For arguments, looks, laughter and snide comments. I was stunned however when none of this happened. My parents have been amazing. They have been understanding and helpful and UNDERSTANDING. When I’m not all there at work they get it. When I say I can’t afford it, they respect it. They gave us this amazing house to live in, helped us remodel it and have gone above and beyond to make this easier on us.

My cousin Lisa spent TWO HOURS at Walmart with me tonight shopping. Actually she sat yesterday with me online as I created a menu, planned a list and calculated the money. She then went with me to the store while I WHINED and bitched and cried about prices and what I couldn’t get and WOE IS ME! When we got to the check out instead of ridiculing me for my meager purchases, or teasing me for budget shopping and penny pinching she looked at me and said “I’m really proud of you.” I was thrilled.

On a walk with Katie today she talked to me about money. Listened and shared her stories with me and DIDN’T EVEN MAKE FUN OF ME when I said I’m strongly considering giving up my Yukon for a more budget sensible (mini van). Knowning I’m on a budget and that I was going stir crazy she asked me to go on a FREE walk with her. I loved it. It was so nice to go do something that cost nothing and have some really good really honest conversation with a friend and walk away knowing you weren’t judged and things won’t be said behind your back.

Ginger and I are always frugal which is nice. She totally udnerstands everything I’m going through and has been so great with me. I love knowing I can talk to her 100% honestly.

I was stunned to discover the peopel in my life are so amazing and rad that I experienced ZERO opposition. No negativity, no one telling me I’m crazy, or wrong, or stupid or silly. I’m sure it has something to do with the current economy. Maybe some of them even think I’m being smart right now. No matter what it is, I wanted to tell all those close to me THANK YOU! Thanks for being so open, and accepting of my mess! You’re all the very best!

5 thoughts on “Opposition and relief

  1. Why do you think I go on so many walks?! I swear it costs $20 to just sit in my car…Anytime you want to go for a walk call me. However, we may have to become mall walkers if it gets to cold for the little guys. We just have to make sure we leave our wallets in the car.Katie


  2. Isn\’t it amazing, the things we are afraid to tell the people that are closest to us. Turns out they still love us. When I told everyone about the things we are going through they were all super supportive, even the ones I was MOST scared to tell, thinking that they would look down at me. I am glad that you are able to be open and honest with us all, but mostly that you are able to do it with the ones you love and respect.Kudos to you!


  3. You have amazing friends and family! I think people go through that at some point or another. They just don\’t tell coz some find it an embarrassing topic. It\’s nice to be surrounded with people who understand and supports you. I find it embarrassing at times when we\’re being so cheap but at least, we\’re not asking anyone money.


  4. That is such a great story….. having the support you need should make you feel better, and of course will be easier to do it!!! Very smart decisions Shannon, nothing to be made fun of at all!!!!


  5. I think everyone is feeling the strain of the economy. I wish I could trade in my Blazer for a car that gets better gas mileage, but then I\’d have a car pmt which I don\’t have now. :(Go you for thinking ahead and planning and doing. I\’m doing it too. It\’s hard, but you\’ll get used to it. šŸ™‚


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