Two sickies in a bed

I spent my day at work with two sickies in my office.
Don’t let the smiles fool you they were only nice to each other for about 14 seconds. They spent the rest of the day kicking each other, screaming, shoving and wacking one another in the head with metal objects. Apparantly being sick does not make them be nicer to each other. Sicky one has had a bath and is upstairs in bed with dad snoring (dad is snoring too I can hear him ALL THE WAY DOWNSTAIRS)

Sicky two is passed out in the Boppy in my lap. He had half a bath (you know when you throw half your body in your brothers bath in an attempt to get in)

I’m pretty sure I’ll be sicky #3 tomorrow. I feel like shit, my throat is scratchy and I’m exhausted. Note to husband..DON’T KISS ME AT ALL TOMORROW!

8 thoughts on “Two sickies in a bed

  1. gaahh i\’m in the same boat. if i lived in reno still, i would invite myself over to your house (since we\’re all feeling icky anyways) and we could watch tv together and bake some banana bread.


  2. oh wait… i don\’t think you like banana bread. Let me check… nope, you don\’t. We could make… uh… geesh, sorry! that\’s about all I know how to bake.ha!


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