Codi went to his one year doctor appointment today. Everything was terrific. He’s walking, says his three words, does every single thing on the chart that a 12 month old should do, he even does stuff a 15 month old should do.

That is, except…


After talking to the doctor he thinks Codi has a food aversion. He has given me the names of a few speech therapists. I guess some speech therapists work with children who won’t eat. He said we will try textures, flavors, colors, methods of feeding and such plus techniques to desensitize him. I’ve started reading about it and it seems normal, well not normal but not WEIRD. So tomorrow I will call and we will get started. Has anyone else every experienced this? Were you told to see a speech therapist? Did it work?

They also pricked his finger and he looks a little anemic. The doctor said that was kind of a big NO SHITTER since DUH the kid won’t eat. He is growing well, his head is nice and fat and he looked healthy and happy so the doctor wasn’t overly worried. He said to start him on a vitamin, offer him every single food under the moon and work with the therapist.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

5 thoughts on “Well…shit

  1. My daughter (who is now 3 1/2 and eats) didn\’t really eat any solids until she was almost 16-17 months old. We started introducing them at 7 months and she rejected everything. We\’d wait a few months and introduce again and she\’d still reject. (She breastfed until she was 19 months…and breastfed A LOT!!!) Our doctor told us to keep trying, that she wouldn\’t starve herself. We did have to take her in every month to have her checked for anemia. We worried about it a lot and thought she would never eat, but we just kept serving her a plate even if she wouldn\’t touch a thing on it and eventually she started eating. It\’s frustrating and concerning when in the midst of it. We weren\’t referred out to anyone. Our doctor just figured since she was such a big nurser she had no real incentive to eat \”real\” food. I\’m sure he will come around. Some kids just march to the beat of their own drummer.


  2. My two big kids had a food aversion, G the baby has dyspagia and chewing issues, The SLP or OTocupational therapy also work in the area OT\’s are more trained. I just finished a great litle book given to me by the clinic we went to (like 30 pages) that I could ship to you just email me your address and I will ship it out, it was a great way for me to understand the different eating issues.


  3. I have the opposite problem. My 16 month old won\’t stop eating. It\’s actually really concerning to me lately. It\’s always something, isn\’t it?


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