Oh yeah..the kiss

By the way, the first kiss in the movie, yeah thats going to win some awards. Seriously it was the best movie kiss I’ve ever seen and I would be lying if I said I didn’t catch my self leaning forward wishing he was totally about to kiss me.

Yeah, it was that good.

So really how was the movie—no spoilers

The first thing I can say is, if you hadn’t read this book I’m not sure you would love the movie as much as me…well, anyone will love it as soon as they see Edward and his HOTNESS. When I went to the movie I went to it expecting it would be missing things from the book. Hello, that is a big book it would have to be a 4 hour movie to come close to touching it. That is why, when they did miss things, or change them I didn’t mind because I was easily able to fill it in, in my head. At the same time there was nothing big missed. All the big good parts where there. It was the smaller conversations, Bella cooking, things like that, that were absent.

When Edward walked onto the screen I shit you not the ENTIRE theater of girls erupted into some unintelligible screams of oos and awws. And dammit, I WAS TOTALLY SCREAMING IN MY HEAD. Everything in the movie was beautiful. The music, the stillness, the motion, the EVERYTHING. Carlisle is hot. James is hot. Emmet is hot. Jacob is hot. Jasper..not so hot but Alice is so cute she makes up for it. I spent most of the entire movie watching Edward love Bella and like my husband and I discussed last night every single boyfriend/husband/lover was totally fucked last night when their girl got home and A: they were not a super swoony vampire and B: They could never ever ever love their girl with the intensity of A VAMPIRE DUH!

The movie was good. I went with someone who hadn’t read the book and he really liked it. They stayed very true to everyone in the book.

I came home and checked out Stephanie’s website and she said that she will not be finishing Midnight sun. I was pretty sad. Seems she is to angry that it was leaked early. So, I went ahead and read the half that was out, Edwards side, and IT IS BEAUTIFUL. So, I would read it, it is short, it only covers half of book one…but..it makes you love Edward about 3985098098 times more.

Okay. I have to stop typing I need to go collect change and possibly pawn my wedding ring so I can go see this movie again every day for the rest of my life.

This weeks budget friendly tips

Back on the idea of reusing what you make here are some more reusable menu items.

  • One Dinner: Beans and Rice for vegetarian tacos. (Going vegetarian ONE night a week can save you a ton. But if you refuse you can use ground beef in your tacos and reuse it the next night below)
  • Another Dinner that week: Add a pound of ground beef and use leftover beans to make chili.
  • Another Dinner: Add a lb of macaroni noodles to leftover chili to make “chili mac.”

Always check the price per ounce. This is especially true with cereal. Did you know it is usually more cost effective to buy two small boxes of cereal instead of one jumbo box, unless there is a sale. Last week I went to buy cereal. One small box 21 oz cost me $2.34 at the most. One large box 24 oz is about $3.50. If I buy two small boxes at $4.68 I end up with at least 10 oz more cereal, and I can get two kinds.

Did you know you can make plain ole oatmeal from the red and blue box just as fast as you can make those fancy prepacked oatmeals? IT IS TRUE. I keep a box of regular old oats and when I’m in a hurry I add some water, and microwave for about 1 minute 30 seconds. Then I top with whatever I’ve got. Brown sugar and cinnamon, honey, jelly or whatever. One giant box of oatmeal still cost less then a box of premade oatmeal and has triple if not more the amount of breakfasts in it.

Old habits die hard

Today is national BEST DAY EVER DAY because Twilight comes out and thanks to my parents I HAVE TICKETS TO GO TO THE MOVIES WITH OUT KIDS OMFG!

Anyway yeah, I’m a bit excited to see my vampire boyfriend on TV which is why I’m so annoyed that I am sick. I was blowing my nose this morning when I was reminded of one of my worst habits.

I can NOT blow my nose with out then opening the tissue to look inside. I CAN’T DO IT! I have tried to stop but some how that tissue always opens and I always see inside. Which is why I know that today I have green boogers.


More budget friendly meal idea

My cousin and I were talking about our shopping list this week. We compiled a few meal ideas that are very budget friendly. Here they are.

When making spaghetti double or triple the amount of sauce you make. Then you can re-purpose it for lasagna or baked ziti. Next week on Monday I plan to make lasagna then on Thursday I will be making spaghetti. Aside from boiling noodles I don’t have to do a damn thing!

I like to do a lot in the crock pot. One of my favorite things to do is cook chicken with onions and garlic. One night I fry a portion of it up with some coriander and adobo and make tacos. The next night I add some green enchilada sauce and make quesidillas. Lisa stretches hers even farther and makes enchiladas.

I also love to make Lisa’s Spanish chicken recipe in the crock pot. One night I make taco salads and the next night enchiladas.

My husband loves pork carnitas. When making those I double up since it is only onions, garlic and pork, and some water in the crock pot. The next night you add BBQ sauce and wala pulled pork sammies.

When you make large cuts of steak like tri tip reuse some for tri tip salads, fajitas or sandwiches.

My husband loves frozen chicken wings. They can be grilled, fried or baked. For only ten bucks a bag you get a ton of chicken. I like to use them for what I call weekend meals. I don’t like to cook much on weekends and I don’t like meals with leftovers. Having those wings around is a cheap way to know my hubs will make food. Normaly on Saturday if I don’t want to cook I say fuck it lets get fast food. But now I’m going to make sure I have plenty of wings on hand for him to play with. He can grill em, toss em in hot sauce and butter, fry em or do whatever and it doesn’t cost me any thing but the initial cost. One bag lasts at least a month.

I make other cheapy weekend meals like burgers. They are great, no left overs and cheap. You can do so much with a burger too so you can make it more then once in a month. Mushroom burgers, chili burgers, Mexican burgers you name it.

One of the tips I was given in a comment was actually pretty brilliant. If you need a lot of something buy two smaller ones. For example we use a lot of cheddar cheese. I used to be able to afford two big bricks a week. Now I can only buy cheese every two weeks. Well halfway through the week my cheese starts to get a little stale. Zip lock bags actually kind of suck in the way of cheese. This week I’m going to buy two smaller cheeses. That way I have a fresh one each week, I’m not throwing away the stale, discolored cheese and the price is close to the same. I took her advice with the sour cream and it worked great. I don’t know about you but I have big issues with sour cream after it is open more then a week. This time I bought two smaller sour creams. Which is good because I’ve only used one, and the other one is still fresh and sealed up for next week.

Eggs are another great saver. You can do so much with eggs. Especially at the end of the week. Omelets for dinner, scrambles, or frittatas. At the end of the week, or on a Saturday my husband loves to go through the fridge and see what is left and make a big scramble (truth he tries to make omelets but it turns into scramble when he flips it..shhhh I didn’t tell you). I’ve been known to do this too. Have a few mushrooms, some frozen spinach left over, maybe a little onion, and some bell peppers. A couple small pieces of two kinds of cheese and I’m set for a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. I always ALWAYS have hard boiled eggs in my fridge. Cheapest meal ever, egg salad sandwich on cheap white bread. Or they are a great cheap item to toss in the hubbies lunch box as a snack. He even has his own tiny salt shaker in there. Two eggs cost you maybe .25 in comparison to how much he would spend at a gas station on a snack, even a bag of chips now is over a dollar.

Other money savers are making more then just dinner. I TRY to make my husbands breakfast most days. Some days I fail but the days I succeed I save at least $4.00 of him going somewhere else. And if I make his lunch even 3 days a week, well that is $12.00 and if I tell the truth that his breakfast burritos cost him $5.00, well shit, that right there is a $15.00 a week savings. Imagine what I could buy for $15.00. His lunch cost a minimum of about $7.00 eating out. If I make 3 lunches I’ve now saved $21.00 and if I make both breakfast and lunch that is $36.00. I don’t know about you but $36.00 is sure a lot of grocery money especially when I can buy a weeks worth of breakfast for just about the cost of one of his fast food meals. Eggs are cheap, bacon is fairly cheap when you consider a weeks worth of use. I like to make him breakfast burritos wrapped up in foil so he can eat them driving. Eggs, tortillas, some sausage and bacon, with a little cheese. Quick, simple, cheap and a nice hot and filling breakfast. Some days I make him breakfast sandwiches, Wonder bread, eggs, deli ham and mayo. Again, cheap!

I realize that waking up in time to make breakfasts and lunch sucks, BUT having that extra money in you’re account doesn’t suck! I also know first hand that making a double portion of dinner to serve as lunch is not any harder, it doesn’t take any longer and you won’t even notice. The same goes for double portions to reuse in another dinner. Instead of harder this will make your life easier. Not to mention I personally think spaghetti taste better the next day as my lunch!


Codi went to his one year doctor appointment today. Everything was terrific. He’s walking, says his three words, does every single thing on the chart that a 12 month old should do, he even does stuff a 15 month old should do.

That is, except…


After talking to the doctor he thinks Codi has a food aversion. He has given me the names of a few speech therapists. I guess some speech therapists work with children who won’t eat. He said we will try textures, flavors, colors, methods of feeding and such plus techniques to desensitize him. I’ve started reading about it and it seems normal, well not normal but not WEIRD. So tomorrow I will call and we will get started. Has anyone else every experienced this? Were you told to see a speech therapist? Did it work?

They also pricked his finger and he looks a little anemic. The doctor said that was kind of a big NO SHITTER since DUH the kid won’t eat. He is growing well, his head is nice and fat and he looked healthy and happy so the doctor wasn’t overly worried. He said to start him on a vitamin, offer him every single food under the moon and work with the therapist.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thank goodness for friends

Last week I went to my mail box and found the prettiest black and white polka dot box ever. Miss Mathers had sent me a care package. While I plan to do an entire post talking about every single item she sent me this post is about one item in particular. As you may have read I was in a bit of a funk last night. The kids wouldn’t stop and my nerves were just on edge. I twittered about my need for chocolate. There was none in the house. I found myself in the kitchen staring at one of the things Mathers sent me.

Sweet Cinnamon Spice.

I made some toast sprinkled this on and then died. It was so delicious. So good in fact I don’t have a picture of it because I shoveled in my mouth at lightening speed in order to avoid SHARING!

Yes. That is right, I’m a total asshole for the first time ever I didn’t want to share with my kids.

Anyway there is a secret ingredient in this stuff that I know but won’t tell that makes it so good. In fact I think Miss Mathers should change the name to “Magic Fairey Sweet Pixey Dust Deliciousness.”

I suddenly thought OMG I could put this on popcorn or ice cream or in my coffee (which I plan to do tomorrow morning). And while I absolutly won’t share my little stash with you I will give you the link so you can go order your own. But. If you do, order enough so you feel safe sharing. Otherwise, you better have a real good hiding spot.’
Order here…beware it’s good shit!


I used to tell my husband that God must really love me giving me two boys. After all I wanted boys. They are easier. Cheaper to shop for and mostly drama free.

However I’ve spent the last hour watching my two children ages THREE and ONE kicking, hitting and choke holding each other. Codi smacks Brandon in the face, Brandon retaliates by locking his legs over Codi’s body so he can’t move. They both respond by screaming. Codi jumps on Brandon and kicks him in the head so Brandon shoves him off the couch. The next thing I know Brandon is next to me saying MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY CODI PUSH ME MOMMY CODI PUSH ME MOMMY CODI PUSH ME and I have Codi on the other side tugging on my pants saying AHHHHHHHHHWAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAJ

Suddenly it occurred to me that God was playing a sick sick joke on me. Only me. Not Rob. Because in a few years these two will be Robs little buddies and then it will be THREE boys picking on me not two.

My husband is sitting over there on lifting his ass off the chair to make sure his fart is as loud and obnoxious as possible. Brandon is sitting here saying UUUHHHHHHHHH which is his version of a burp. Codi is sitting here poking me in the head laughing. All the while I’m sitting here with my head in my hands wishing for 14 fucking seconds of peace and quiet!

Oh and look there goes Codi with my very expensive iPhone in his mouth. Nope, never mind he just dropped it on the tile in favor of climbing my 11 stairs only to get to the top and SCREAM because he can’t get down.

Brandon just stomped off to his room only to get up there and start yelling MOM I CAN’T TURN ON THE LIGHT I WANT KID MOVIE MY TV WONT TURN ON CODI IS TOUCHING MY SOCKS STOP IT CODI MOM CODI WONT GO OUT OF MY ROOM MOM………….

And right now I’m thinking fuck getting drunk can I please just have a jumbo bar of chocolate to dunk in a pot of melted chocolate and sprinkle with shaved chocolate.

At this moment I’m thinking fuck this parenting shit is hard. Because some days IT IS. Moms can’t be sick, they can’t just go hide in another room, they can’t go to bed early. Shit, neither can dads. My husband has to be on call 24/7 with Brandon when he wakes up with his night terrors. I can’t do it because I have a 2 foot tall tick stuck to my boobs all night.

Codi stop touching my computer mommy is typing. No no don’t push that it turns off the comput………………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz