Stories through pictures…Alternate title..MEN AND FRUIT!

Lisa posted the first leftover turkey recipe on the Tasty blog

This was on Fail Blog this morning, made me laugh my ass off.

My mom got Brandon a great Advent Calender from Starbucks this year. This was him opening his first chocolate this morning

Shoving the candy in his mouth

HAHAHA Huge ass piece of candy. My mom asked why I gave it to him this morning and not after dinner. Well that is easy, HE WOULD HAVE TO EAT DINNER FIRST. I told her, “He should eat it right when he wakes up because then there is no chance of him being in trouble yet, I wait till after dinner, he’d never get to eat it!”

Note to self: When your baby is used tipping his drink out of a sippy cup, you must expect that when you give him a drink with a straw he is going to tip it back and pour said drink all over his face. Again, and again and again.

Driving home from my parents last night we saw this house, Brandon almost had a coronary shouting that it was beautiful and WOOOOOOW and the music and Holy shit you thought he had just found Willy Wonkas Factory.

A few weeks ago while ordering some office supplies I noticed a promotion for free scissors. Normally they do free pens but we needed scissors so I jumped on board. This is what came. I am pretty sure they are circa 1789…I see why they were free now!

I totally forgot to post this picture back on the day I bought my iphone. We were made to stand outside in almost 100 degree weather for minimum of an hour and a half. Apple was handing out waters but they only came by once ever hour or so. Finally we got about 15 people away which meant we were about 30 minutes away. I looked up to see this glorious fan circulating. It was on, and working and blowing glorious cold air … BEHIND A GODDAMN FUCKING WINDOW! Yeah, this was J Crew’s idea of a sick joke that day, some sort of advertising for summer. What a waist of energy and a massive tease to all of us heat stroked suckers outside.

Codi took some spoons and forks from Brandons drawer and walked around this morning making music.

Then he sat down, hid and made a giant poop in his diaper at the exact second I poured out my cereal to eat.

And finally. Every morning that I pack Rob’s lunch I lay it out in one spot. His breakfast here, his lunch, the his fruit, snacks, etc. And every damn morning I turn around to see his lunch packed and…this,

His fucking fruit still sitting on the counter. So each time I have to open his lunch box and put the goddamn fruit in there.

I’m on to you dear!!!!!!!!!

What is it with men thinking a chorizo burrito, a large sandwich and chips is all they need for lunch YOU NEED FRUIT!

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