I reallllly try to delete all of their emails. But when this shit came through my inbox the other day I knew I was fucked. First, I want to say Brandons favorite food is shredded cheese. He loves the cheese grater but it is a little big for him. That is why when I saw all of Williams Sonoma stupid kid line I freaked out. A whole line of MINIATURE KID THINGS!!!

Like this kid safe mini grater, yeah I need that.
And we really need a mini personalized chef jacket right?

A puzzle food tray, well of course that is a necessary item

And every chef needs a hat to match his jacket

Of course after seeing his trouble with my large whisk the other night we for sure need a kid size whisk.

Don’t even get me started on the aprons, and pink princess tools, and measuring cups and oh my lord the madness. Fucking Williams Sonoma. Some day when I’m a billionaire I will have all of this for myself. I mean, err, for my kids.


  1. He most definitely needs his own chef\’s outfit! I mean he really likes to spend time cooking with you and I think that just adds to the quality time. I vote for the little people utensils…how adorable!


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