Answering your questions

An anonymous commenter posted on my no peanut post with a question,

My daughter, who is one of the pickiest eaters is going into preschool in January. This whole time, I have been planning the majority of her lunches to be pb&j since that’s one of the few cold lunches she will eat. After reading your blog, now I’m at a total loss of what to feed her. She hates meat, the only meat she will eat is bacon, chicken nuggets and fish sticks. Her school only allows cold lunches… so do you have any suggestions? I hate the idea of her causing another kid harm with pb, but now I don’t know what to feed her…. what food to you pack in your son’s lunch? TIA for your help!

I thought I would post my reply. Also if there is anything I left out please feel free to leave her more thoughts in the comment section. Please excuse my errors this is from my phone.

misguided mommy said… hey anon. I’m writing from my phone so please excuse the spelling errors. First keep in mind cold lunch doesn’t mean the food has to be cold it simply means they won’t heat it. I have a great very cute crayola thermos I got at target for brandon. I heat sgetti,macaroni, and soup before school and it is still warm for brandon lunch. Guess what I bey chicken nuggets would also stay warm. Other kid friendly items, gogurt dry cereal, cheese sammiches (brandon also hates meat), fruit like melon or grapes. One kid in brandon class last week had lunchables. I have done spagettios and even dry feral with a cup of milk for the teacherS to add to the bowl ( think g dry cereal in a bowl with a snack lid and then either a small carton of milk or a large enough sippy cup full that they can just poor some out). Poptarts don’t have nuts. Cheetos and fruit roll ups are safe too. Mini eggos warmed in the thermos with a snack cup of syrup to dip in. Even oatmeal and cream of wheat. Cora soup or alphabet soup. Anything she can/will eat in a thermos. Quessidillas even. Most chips. Pudding jello and yogurt. Chunks of cheese. Remember it is more important to pack food your kid will eat then worry how it looks. I was terrified the first time I sent brandon with a bread and cheese sandwich, cheetos, watermelon a d chocolate milk. His teacher was more impressed I packed what he would eat. Other ideas to help her eat. I used to cut brandons cheese sammy with cookie cutters. I also let him help pack it and finally I drew cute little things on his napkin. Last. You can always to cream cheese and jelly sandwiches instead of pb annnnnnnnd finally nearly every store even walmart sells soynut butter that is peanut free, she will never know.

4 thoughts on “Answering your questions

  1. M outgrew her peanut allergy but we tried pea butter (for some reason peanuts was out but peas she was fine with) the pea butter tasted like over roasted peanut buter but was and still is a hit for lunches. I have notified all the kiddos teachers that although it looks like peanut butter and smells kinda the same it isn\’t, just so they wouldnt freak out at her having nuts in a school board with a ban on nuts in all schools. Hope this helps on the subsitute peanut butter front!!!


  2. this is so helpful to me too. Ezra\’s school is peanut free, and he is SUCH a picky eater, I\’ve just been sending him with quesedillas nearly every day. (He doesn\’t even really like quesedilllas.) I\’m printing this list off for future lunch help!!THANK YOU!!


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