My pants are always frayed at the end, possibly because I’m too short. I like them like that, it feels like me, a little frayed at the ends. I can’t chew minty gum. I like fruity stuff. Mint brings me down. There is never enough basil on things. I always feel stupid asking for more basil. My shoes are never organized. My side of the room is always a mess. I am a mess. My extended family makes me feel like I’m drowning. My kids are the single most amazing thing I’ve ever done. I wish I would have attended culinary school. I want to taste everything on the 1001 foods you need to try before you die list. I probably would never taste them because they are scary looking.

I don’t fuss with my hair. I don’t wear makeup. I’m the most high maintenance plain person you will ever meet. I drink coffee for the taste not the flavor. I love soup. I don’t eat soup enough. I could waste a whole paycheck on Itunes. My Ipod is dying and I feel like a little piece of me is too.

There is never enough coffee. Or enough hot water. But always plenty of dishes. And crumbs on the floor. I wish my kids could wear footie jammies always. I can’t imagine that some day they will grow up and move out. I wish they called me mommy and not mom. Mom sounds so grown up. I would love to cook like the people on Top Chef. I want to be a judge on Iron Chef. Not on a day they serve fish though, I don’t think I would like trout ice cream.

I get excited over little things. Most recently I was thrilled over a new Maxi Pad. My littlest keeps calling the operator. I need to take a shower but my husband is sleeping. We are taking family pictures today. I wonder if we can photoshop out my donut waist. Lets photoshop out my sons lack of haircut too.

I’m tired. Very tired.

8 thoughts on “me

  1. I\’m short so my jeans are frayed too. I wish I could cook like the peeps on Top Chef, too. I, too, wish I had gone to culinary school. And I love coffee for the taste, not the flavor too. :)Are we long lost sisters? :)Sorry I haven\’t posted comments much…but I\’m back. 🙂


  2. I like the list of you! This was a great post! I must say my favorite analogy is that your pants are frayed because you are short but that you feel a little frayed too!


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