I'm not supposed to blog about it

My husband gets all weird when I blog the nice things he does. He says he would rather have me say it to him then the blog. So, I told him thanks which I think means I can blog about it now. Besides it’s my blog I can do what I want. Anywho. About a week and a half ago I came in the room and got in bed. I immediately recoiled from the ice cold freezing sheets. Of course this led to me sitting in bed pouting about how I don’t have flannel sheets and how poor me my bed is cold. I then suggested to my husband that obviously the simple answer would be for him to just go ahead and warm up my side of the bed for me and then he could go lay on his cold side since it didn’t bother him. Y’all the past 4 nights he has done that. I shit you not. I have been staying up a little bit later then him trying to put Codi to bed. Then I go into our room to find Rob laying on my side of the bed snoring. As soon as he hears me he hops on over to his side and I get to slide into some nice warm sheets. It is beautiful I tell you because I love nothing more then WARMTH!
Then, this weekend when fucking Jodi had to go and tell me that Linens N Things was having a going out of business sale I casually mentioned to Rob that I had found some flannel sheets on sale for $29.99 all the way down from almost $70.00. He told me to buy them. Those puppies should be here any day!
Another cute thing he did. Last week I forgot to start the coffee pot the night before. Who am I kidding. I haven’t remembered to start that thing in about 3 months. But I have been getting up and doing it fine in the morning. However once last week when he knew I had, had a particularly long night he woke up extra early got it all ready and as he walked out the door he said, “coffee’s ready just gotta push the button.” Oh yeah you bet I jumped right up and ran over to get some! It was just so extra sweet.
How about how he’s been making the cutest effort to open my door every time we go somewhere together. Seriously people it’s the sweetest shit I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been big on all that chivalry stuff but when he does it I totally melt.
And yesterday, he left a little early so he could go out and wipe all the snow off my windows and get my car all ready for me. Saturday I was going somewhere in his car. With out even knowing it he started it, turned on the heater and had it all ready and warm before I even got in.
Last week I woke up to find a card hiding in my closed laptop from him. It was so sweet saying that he loved me and that he loved my new hair too!
You know, sometimes I may want to totally kick my husbands ass, but most times he really puts a smile on my face!
Finally my favorite thing he’s been doing lately. He’s been making a huge huge effort not to fart in front of me. Especially not at the dinner table anymore!
But you know, before you all think I got sick and mushy on you I didn’t. I just ran out of things to talk about and figured why not talk about him. And it’s not like I was telling you the blue sani hut water story, or the army crawl story I was just telling sweet stuff. You want to hear some really romantic stuff? Last night we cuddled up on the couch and watched an infomercial about colons. Yes. I sat next to my husband and watched him get all giddy over a 6 foot long black poop that some miracle pills make you do and how much he REALLY REALLY WANTS A 6 FOOT BLACK POOP OF HIS OWN!
So, yeah. Then there is that!
Rob and I
This is one of the Christmas pictures that didn’t make the card. We have an even better pic together that I will show you when our cards come in!

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