I'm at the airport watching my parents plane take off with my kid in it. While I understand that the little truck shooting steam at the plane is most likely a safety thing that doesn't mean a little part of me isn't screaming OH SHIT their plane caught fire look at the smoke. In fact that is what I did for the first two minutes till I realiWd what was happening. They should maybe warn us here in the terminal that no folks the plane isn't on fire this is a standard procedure. Cuz homegirl was freaking out

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7 thoughts on “Airport

  1. First I hate to fly and I was freaking out I have never been on a plane that had to be deiced. Brandon was fine and thought it was way cool. He loved flying and was so good for his first time.The reason Brandon flew with papa and murmur is I did not want my whole family flying on the same plane. Something I learned from one of Shannon girl friends moms who was no first response for big plane crashes.


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