They story of the pan

I’ve got a gazillion things to tell you about Vegas. But until I rest more and upload photos you get nothing but the story of the pan.

First of all, I went to Vegas for Christmas. I did not tell anyone because I always feel weird letting people know I’m gone and that my house is sitting there with no one in it. Back in August at Brandons birthday my aunt and my mom got to talking. They were chatting about Burning Man (you know the big naked boobie hippie love fest in the desert). My mom was explaining how she thought my aunt would love burning man. Since it was only a month away and it would cost a lot for my aunt to come back she proposed a deal. She would go to burning man if we would go to Vegas for Christmas. Long story short, there is an entire photo album of this years burning man I don’t want to see and I spent Christmas in a wet and freezing Las Vegas.

I had a few things that were non negotiable for the trip. We had to go to outlet malls, take Brandon to the Shark show and eat at Sweet Tomatoes (my pants still haven’t recovered from the food this trip). Finally outlet shopping day came and we spent a ridiculous amount of time driving to Primm Mall. At Aeropostal I got a shit ton of clothes 40%-70% off. At Converse I scored 2 awesome pairs of shoes for Brandon for only $19.99 each (normally $30.00). I hit the jackpot at American Eagle, Lucky and more. Bath and Body Works was a goldmine. Then finally WILLIAMS SONOMA! Most of the store was 40% off. Some even 70% off. However, my favorite part was that the entire collection of All-Clad was 50% off. I nearly died. Here I was on the most limited budget of my life and EVERY SINGLE PAN I ever wanted was half price. I went there for one item only. The 8″ non stock fry pan. I call it an egg pan, because it is the perfect size to hand flip an egg in. The pan was originally $89.99 but it was 50% off. The kicker? There was an invisible ding in the pan so they offered me an additional 10% off. That means my $89.99 pan cost $39.95!!! The remainder of the store was on sale also. Let me show you everything else I got and the original prices.

Non stick fry pan $89.99
Professional full size sheet pan $29.95
Professional cookie sheet (mine was smaller) $19.95
Loaf pan $16.00
Pyrex 8×8 glass baking dish $10.00
Extra large spatula $9.00
Christmas dishtowels $7.00
Peppermint bark $26.50
Peppermint Kitchen Candle $24.50

I believe that is all we got, I can’t be sure but I know for sure we got this much. The grand total, not on sale is $232.89. With tax that makes it a total close to $250.00. Guess how much we paid? Tax and everything $113.00!!!!! Holy shit batman. We got a minimum of 9 items for nearly the price of my one pan.

Needless to say I LOVE OUTLET MALLS!

Coming later this week, photos of the blanket my mom made. The food of Las Vegas. The malls that weren’t discount cheapy ones! Our rad Christmas gifts, and the best ice cream I ever had that I’ll never get to have again (hello Fresh and Easy please move to Reno! My favorite story that is coming? The tale of the stroller that is no more!

8 thoughts on “They story of the pan

  1. Life makes sense again, I was wondering where the heck you disappeared too! Looking forward to the stories, and getting to go to my own outlet mall soon (Albertville Premium outlets… woot woot!)


  2. Wow ~ Christmas in Vegas ~ sounds great!You got some great bargains there ~ I hit the sales on Saturday ~ mostly clothes ~ but the reductions weren\’t that good!!Looking forward to the photos and the stories ~ I am wondering what the heck happened to the stroller???Love and hugs Tabitha XXX


  3. Oh so that\’s where you disappeared to! Now you got me all freaked out though because I told everybody that we\’d be gone. Hopefully nobody broke into our house.. I\’ve been worried about that from the moment we left because I still remember your break in story :(Can\’t wait for all the stories and pics!!!


  4. Love that kind of shopping. I hope you drove – can you imagine toting all that back on a plane? Would you/have you ever tried one of those things you put in the pan and then crack the egg into the middle? It\’s supposed to make an easy round shaped egg for sandwiches.


  5. OMG I wish I could\’ve been in Vegas for Christmas! Did you guys take the boys? Totally know what you mean about telling people when you\’re gone…too many creepy stalkers out there. =)


  6. Yay I can\’t wait to see all the pictures and hear all the stories!! I hope you get to feeling better soon…it sounds like your vacation kicked your ass and now you are sick 😦


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