The blanket

Codi’s Christmas present from my mom. She made this for him. We went back and forth on themes and finally settled on this one. Make sure you check out the back.

Isn’t it cute? It is super soft and Codi loves it! She hand embroidered all of the little squares too! The top pattern is one I loved at the fabric store. The bottom one is actually a swatch from a blanket she saw at Target.

7 thoughts on “The blanket

  1. She did not tell the whole story I had one that I had designed with wizards and castle\’s and a little poem, you know since I collect wizards it was something dear to my heart. When we went to the fabric store Shannon found the green fabric and said this is what Codi\’s blanket should be made of it should be earthy and green. OK well that was not what I had going on. Then she showed me a pictures of one that one of her blogger friends made so now she was telling me what size and what color. I put the whole blanket aside his birthday came and no blanket. We talked about it and the Burning man 2007 tag on the back of the blanket was from the Green Man I told her I would just sew my bandannas together and make him one out of it she said that would be fine. So with Christmas coming I knew I better have a blanket so I went to work. After all the presents were opened I said Oh Codi still has one. I\’m so glad she loved it. I told her that since I have this blanket with wizard ready to start maybe I could give it to Katie for Dylan. Oh no if I make one for Dylan it has to have Dick and Jane on it. So Shannon said I have to wait for Ginger to have a baby and that will be for her because Ginger is that kind of girl.


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