19 thoughts on “Come out come out wherever you are

  1. I stop by a lot and comment once in a while. Honestly your blog is one of my very favorites… you\’ve always got something to say that cracks me up! So hi!


  2. Is it like today ONLY? Because I did not know today was DELURKER day. I would have done something for my lovely readers. Oh theres still time!!Oh also I read your posts but I dont always comment because google reader makes me lazy that way. I iz sorry.


  3. Hi there ~ Just popped over to say \’hello\’ ~ and to let you know that I follow your blog ~ don\’t always comment (No idea why!!) ~ but I am here!!Love and hugs Tabitha XXX


  4. I have been reading your blog since Nov 2007. I love seeing your kids grow and learn new things. Your recipes give me inspiration. Happy Delurker day!


  5. im some random 18 year old from new jersey. now thats a pretty huge lurker if you were looking for one haha. i love your posts, ive been reading since last spring 🙂


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