Monday we had Codi’s evaluation for the whole REFUSING TO EAT INCEDENT. I had prepared myself for the worst. Surely there would be something wrong with my kid. Which, I suppose would be good because then he would be approved for treatment. When we arrived I realized that I did not have my insurance card, which means some doctors office somewhere does. I find that highly irritating because they clearly know they have it and haven’t mailed it back. Jerks. I called Rob and had him give me all of the info off his card and filled out the other 100 papers.

Finally two ladies came back and got Codi and me. We went into a room with the cutest wee little table and chairs and sat down on the floor. One lady told me she would concentrate on asking me stuff, while the other lady worked with Codi. Codi walked over to a chair, pulled it out, climbed up and sat down at the table. The lady followed his cue and pulled out her arsenal of things. I answered my questions as best as I could with out being to obvious that I was watching Codi’s every move. Suddenly the lady working with Codi stopped and gave the lady talking to me a look and the evaluation was over. The two ladies informed me that Codi was actually advanced for his age, and because of this they couldn’t continue the evaluation and he was not eligible to work with their food people or nutritionists. Their answer to everything was to wean. They said he eats too often to ever actually feel hunger. To start doing longer stretches between feedings and then to eventually drop feeding him for lunch. They also suggested putting him and Brandon in bed together so that Codi would still feel like he was with someone with out smelling breast milk. That was the end of that.

This weekend Rob and I plan to take the queen size guest bed out of Codi’s room and move it into Brandons room. Then put Brandons cute twin bed in Codi’s room. We are also going to move the train set and toy box into Codi’s room, in essence creating a sleeping room and a toy room. I do plan to purchase Brandon’s bedding in queen size so his room stays with it’s theme and he doesn’t feel like he is losing his special bed. The upside is, the bed they are getting is stupidly comfortable.

I took Codi to the doctor today to follow up on his blood work and talk about his cold that won’t go away. Turns out little dude is anemic. Great. I talked to the doctor about weaning and he said he absolutely agrees but to wait to fully skip a meal until he is no longer sick. He did love my idea about extending the amount of time between feedings giving him a chance to be hungry. At the end of our talk I asked him personally about medication I could take for my “crazy.” He said that there is actually a lot I can take and he was realllllly sorry his nurse had told me no so many times. His advice was for me to start seeing someone and find out what medicine they are interested in giving me, then call him personally and he will say yes or no, and make suggestions from there. He also said that it was a great idea to start now because some of the medications will decrease my breast milk, which will help with the weaning.

So. That is where I stand now. I need to find a doctor and start the road to a new life. I’m exciting at the possibility of this all finally happening. I spent over an hour crying to my husband on the couch the other day about EVERYTHING. Seriously I probably talked to him about 20 different things. Between him, and my friends I know that we have all come to a consensus that SHANNON NEEDS HELPS.

Also between talking to Rob and talking to Ginger it is very very clear that I never came out of the last funk. I thought I did but I realize now that I just kind of shoved it down and hoped it would go away. Bottling things up seems to have made them MUCH WORSE.

My hopes are, that talking to someone and getting medicine will finally help this all go away.

Here’s to hoping right?

9 thoughts on “Today

  1. Jayla was not a good eater either while I was still nursing. I finally weaned her a few weeks ago when we were visiting my family so my mom could help me (I would have never been able to do it alone, it was so hard…) and well, she\’s been eating like a horse since.And I hope that you will find a doctor who can really help you soon!! Good luck with everything!!!!


  2. Hope things work out for you on the food end!There are times I get really depressed and I think I need to consider medication. But if I could just get some help from Hubs I think my stress would decrease tons.


  3. Just curious – how many times a day do you nurse Codi? Izzy still nurses 4 or 5 times per day, but he loves eating food too. I have no idea how I am going wean my little guy.Good luck with finding a doctor and medication.


  4. This is a GOOD case of \”when it rains it pours.\” YAY!!! You are getting some problems solved and your health hopefully restored. It\’s a big thing to admit you need help and to ask for it. I\’m so proud of you!


  5. Here\’s to hoping and I hope that you are able to find someone that you can work well with and feel comfortable with. Here\’s to a new start for both you and Codi…you know without the boobie haha!


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