Do you ever sit there at your desk and stare at your yogurt wishing it was a big fat brick of chocolate?

I hate when I’m at the store and I’m thinking, yogurt and fruit VS chocolate and ice cream. I always make the right choice, get home and think WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T I BUY THE CHOCOLATE. Now, I’m sitting here at work staring at my sons whole grain extra fiber chocolate poptart thinking, “do you think he would miss it if it was gone, because this pineapple yogurt just ain’t doing it for me.”

I’m fucking exhausted today. For some reason exhaustion makes me feel like hoovering some ramen and chocolate donuts.

But then again, being happy makes me want ramen and donuts. Being sad makes me want ramen and donuts. Anger makes me want a double ramen with a side of donuts. Come to think of it, there is never a time in my life when I’m not thinking about ramen.

What do you suppose they put that stuff? Is it similar to soda? I think they put crank in that stuff because fuck I can’t stop thinking about the curly noodly goodness of ramen. I’m like a little ramen addict. I got five bucks how much ramen can I get for that?

My pineapple yogurt is done and it didn’t satisfy my craving for sweets, instead it made me want a pineapple upside down cake.

And yes, before you ask, I am on my period and PMSing. What do you want to do about it huh?

Cristina you better fucking get on those brownies.

5 thoughts on “VS

  1. Crank…hahaha… (sigh) Some drugs aren\’t referenced enough and I think dirty, nasty crank is one of them. I like you and your blog.I crave pizza…. i could eat 1000 calorie/piece Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza EVERY DAY. I would get fat, but if I wasn\’t allergic that is the cross I would bare, damnit! That and Hershey bars. Plain, Hershey bars… OMG, I can\’t stop eating them! I think it\’s all the wax or something that makes them shudderingly good….


  2. You can get a shitload of Ramen for $5. I love the FLIPS chocolated coated pretzels. I have a stash in my desk. I am having a few now. I have to make myself stop.


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