I brought Codi into bed with me around 5am this morning. He snuggled up on my arm and started snoring in my ear. Around 7 I looked over at him because I love to watch him sleep.

Only, thats when I felt it. Snot starting to drip out of my nose. I wanted to reach for a Kleenex but Codi was on my arm.

I had no choice, but to turn my head the other way and let the snot roll back into my brain.

As I lay there this morning I thought, “so that is how this day will be huh….no matter what I do there is going to be snot.”

2 thoughts on “Snot

  1. Yes ~ I have days like that too!Snot plays a big part in my life aswell.Thanks for your comment on my blog ~it was great to hear from you!We have more snow predicted here for tomorrow ~ will have a word with the snow fairy and see what she can do for you!!Take care ~ love and hugs Tabitha XX


  2. This is why I love you because you are so damn funny and so honest. I love wipe max\’s snot with my hand and then wipe it on my pants. motherhood is great huh?


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