Drives me nuts

I always have a laugh when people comment on my parenting.  Not my actual parenting methods per say, but you know those under their breath comments in the store, or in passing.  That drives me nuts.  The best example is how often people point out that Codi isn’t wearing socks.  It comes in many forms:

"Oh look that poor baby has no socks on"

"Oh you have no socks on your feet must be so cold" (Said to Codi but meant for my ears)

"Your mom really should put some socks on you"

and my favorite, "Don’t you think your kid needs socks?"

Let me start by saying, Codi starts every day with socks.  Every single day.  Cute thick socks too.  Warm ones.  Every day, before leaving the house I have to put Codi’s socks back on.  HE HATES SOCKS.  As soon as we get in the car he takes his socks off.  When we get to work, off come the socks.  In fact yesterday I had to put his socks back on 3 times in 8 minutes.  By the end of the day when it is time to go to the grocery store I have usually given up the sock battle and just let him go with out.  In the event that I try and put his socks on, they are gone by the time the car ride is done and we arrive at the store. 

Ask me how many socks I’ve lost because I made the stupid decision to put Codi’s socks back on before we went in the store.  TONS!  Tons of stupid fucking socks, and mittens.  And always only one.  So then instead of being the mom whose kid has no socks, I’m the mom whose kid only has one sock and the comments about one sock are far worse then those about no socks.

I always wonder, do people think before they make comments like that?  I mean, any parent, or recent parent at least would probably know why my kid doesn’t have socks on. Especially if he is fully clothes, clean and healthy looking I find it amusing that they want to pick a bone with me over socks.  Any new parent would know that socks never stay on kids feet.  Any nice parent would know that comments like that are never welcome.  Any smart parent would stop and think first and probably come to a smart conclusion about why my kid has no socks on.  

 You should know, that as we speak Codi is sitting on the floor pulling his fucking socks off and handing them to me.

This is the same for hats.  I love when it’s raining and we walk to the store and someone has to shout out, "oh my his poor little head must be soaked."  I feel like asking that person to put a hat on my kid.  Seriously, I dare them to hold him down long enough to put a hat on him and then I challenge them to convince him to keep it on.  How many moms out there have spent precious minutes in the morning battling with your kid about keeping their hat, or gloves or socks on? 

What are your pet peeve comments?  What things do people say about your parenting under their breath that make you want to karate chop them on the spot? What is the worst thing some one has ever said to you about your parenting?  How do handle the comments?  Do you reply or ignore them?


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4 thoughts on “Drives me nuts

  1. Other people are assholes. I get the socks comments too. I also get comments about hats and mittens, which I gave up on months ago. And sometimes I get nasty looks when Porgie is running around the grocery store like a maniac. I say fuck’em.


  2. I put socks on him the other day when we went to the store and they stayed on him the whole time. I even got looks from the ladys on how cute he was. Bout three of them.


  3. um remember when socks caused my MIL and my husband not to speak for 3 months. she DEMANDED that we put socks on our kid who had a fetish for taking them off quicker than you could put them on. we didn’t do it and she wigged. left without saying goodbye and drover 5 hours home a day early. booo hooo


  4. Yeah the comments made for you but not to you thing really PISSES me off. You live in Reno, unless there is snow on the ground, I think he’ll be ok. ๐Ÿ™‚


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