And it permiated the depths of my soul

Re: This post


Shannon Mateo: I need a pie
2:25:25 PM Ginger Peppard: need a pie? a whole one?

2:25:52 PM Shannon Mateo: yeah a choclate cream pie
2:25:53 PM Shannon Mateo: a whole one
2:25:54 PM Shannon Mateo: and a fork

2:29:31 PM Ginger Peppard: hmmmm
2:29:34 PM Ginger Peppard: that does sound good

2:29:44 PM Shannon Mateo: fucking tell me the fucking fuck about it
2:29:50 PM Shannon Mateo: with a chaser of salad and corn bread and another pie

2:30:18 PM Ginger Peppard: ok, I have to be headed off, I have a few errands to run then I need to show my face in teh office at some point in time today for a little bit
2:30:19 PM Ginger Peppard: lol

2:30:24 PM Shannon Mateo: K HAVE FUN

Exactly 1 hour later:


And this my friends, is why Ginger got a huge giant giggly shouty squeeling hug out of me!  And you guys, this shit was so good it permiated the depths of my soul.  All the way down to my toes.

I love you Ginger!



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