Dear husband

If you insist on leaving the downstairs bathroom with only three sheets of toilet paper on the roll, that is fine, I am used to that.


Can you PLEASE PLEASE store the refills a little closer to my reach so I don’t have to stand up, waddle to the cabinet and drip pee down my leg just to change the toilet paper.





Your wife!

3 thoughts on “Dear husband

  1. I hate it when that happens!!
    Hope your hubby gets the hint!!
    Sorry about leaving 3 comments on the pay it forward post ~ I am useless at times ~ it wasn’t a desperate bid to win 3 gifts ~ honest ha ha !!
    Love and hugs Tabitha XXX


  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, I really don’t think that I ever leave no squares on the roll, so you might have to talk to one of your sons.
    ; )


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