Put a ring on it

You know what drives me crazy?  When Hollywood trash magazines instantly assume someone is getting a divorce because a woman is pictured with no wedding ring on. 


Know why?  I’m not wearing my wedding ring today.  Yes I must be getting divorced.  The truth is, I made meatloaf last night.  Putting my wedding ring in a pile of ground beef is not ideal to me so I always take my ring off.  I forgot to put it back on after that because I got busy doing other things.  Uh oh, I must be getting divorced.

I just don’t get it.  It’s like Hollywood is hoping for failure.  Like they want people to end up divorced.  The problem is, real people make those assumptions too.  I’ve been asked before where my ring was, in one of those knowing voices, like "oh honey is everything okay."  When I reply that I left it on the cutting board they always look at me like I’m making an excuse and don’t want to tell them my marriage is ending.

The worst of all is when I have the kids, and I forget to put my ring back on.  Then I get looks like I’m some unwed mom and the world is ending.

Does this happen to you?  Do people ever make outlandish assumptions based on something simple like that?  Like sales people who always treat me like garbage if I’m not dressed right.  Or customers who assume I’m a retard because I’m under 40. 

What are your favorite incorrect assumptions?

5 thoughts on “Put a ring on it

  1. ditto to all 3 of those things. my biggest peev is when people judge me by my tattoos. they see them and automaticly thing im “that ” person, what ever “that” may be. as soon as they are spotted in job interviews i get such a different attitude. its the strangest thing. i am such a hard worker and go way out of my way to make patient/cutomers/employer happy. but i dont even get a chance to prove myself because of whats on my skin.


  2. Absolutely agree. My husband always has to take off his wedding ring at work (for safety reasons) and once he forgot to put it back on after work and one of his buddies noticed it and was like “are you and Julia not together any more????” And me too, when I was pregnant I forgot to put mine back on after cooking something and went to the store real quick and I got lots of those “awww, poor little knocked up single girl” looks…


  3. I feel like people judge me because I am a young mother. Personally, I don’t think I am a young mother. I am 27. But it seems like all of the other mothers in my neighborhood are in their mid-thirties. It makes me feel strangely inadequate.


  4. I have not worn my ring in MONTHS because it was too tight, so I cut it off and have yet to get it repaired. The looks I get when someone notices range from surprise to disgust. But I am not getting divorced…


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