Thank you

One of the things I love about my new website is the little CONTACT button right up there.   I have receieved SO SO SO MANY special emails from people responding to my posts.  I feel like maybe some people are afraid to leave comments so they just let their words pass.  But now that they can email me privately it is like they are brave and feel like they can share.  

So I wanted to tell you all THANK YOU!  So very much.  The emails that are pouring in.  The words you are sharing with me.  Those of you going through exactly what I am right now.  Those of you who have been there and come out of it and are sharing your success stories that means the world to me, to know that finding peace is possible.  I can never say thank you enough.  Each and every one of your emails makes me smile.  Each one feels like a big giant hug or a warm cup of cocoa and a snuggly blanket.  Every time you open up with me and share with me your stories of hurt I feel so privelaged and trusted and I thank you.  

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!   Every one.  For your emails, your comments and your thoughts.  You will never know how much each and every one of them means to me!

Something else I want to add, in reponse to Marni’s comment over there —> is that in bloggers old format it was so hard to reply to comments.  I either had to go back and post a gazillion comments on my blog and hope that you went back and read it, or go to your blog and comment back, which sometimes was kind of weird to leave a personal reply for everyone.  However, now that I have this blog where you can leave your email you bet your ass I am going to reply.  So, leave me an email when you comment because I will reply.  I’ve been excellent at responding and thanking people, or answering questions.  So please know now that if you ask me something, say something, confess something, whatever, I WILL REPLY personally to your email!


Hugs, and again, thank you!

One thought on “Thank you

  1. Thank YOU for stopping by and reading and commenting my blog. I’ll be honest… I used to read you all the time and I felt like you never even responded or acknowledged and just kind of stopped… even when your words really got to me…


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