So the winner from my "guess how much change is in my ridiculously large purse contest" is …


AMANDA!!!!!!  From Life Long Playdate!


She guessed $3.62 and the correct answer was $4.24.  It would have been more like $8.00 but I had just gotten my car washed and I raided my purse of quarters for the little drive through wash thingy.  Patty!  $13.34 YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND.  I would need a back brace to carry around that much change you crazy head!

So Amanda I’m going out right now to purchase your gift card and I’m going to spend an hour staring at my book collection trying to figure out what books you will like because now I’m all nervous and twitchy and all "what if she hates my books."  As a bonus, I pull all the covers off my books.  Soooo that means you will have no way to know what it is about unless you open it up and read it!  OOOOOOh Hows that for sneaky!




  1. I thought you meant money in your purse…not change. I rarely have more than $20 in my purse cause I ATM everything! so I guessed about $13 bucks! LOL!


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