Note to husband

The clock on my nightstand says 7:58 AM. 

The clock on your nightstand says 6:58 AM.

The clock in our kitchen says 5:58 AM.

You have massivly failed your clock changing duties.  And this morning when I hopped out of bed and ran downstairs thinking I had not let my parents dogs out yet and it was 8 AM only to find out it was 5:58 AM and I was not late, that sucked.  And when I hopped out of bed thus waking up Codi and had to stay out of bed, that sucked more!

8 thoughts on “Note to husband

  1. Isn’t daylight savings time coming up soon? I don’t think any of my clocks read the same. But only one is actually set ahead – the one in my car. I don’t know why.


  2. Oh dear ~ sounds like your hubby is in the dog house ha ha !!
    I have no idea when it is that we change our clocks ~ think it is a while yet!
    Love and hugs Tabitha XXX


  3. Thank God the only clocks I have in my house are the Cable box and my cell phone and they change themselves!!!
    Even still I got confused and had to google “World Time” to check the correct time.


  4. Word. I am dragging serious ass today… take away an hour of my sleep and I am straight pissed off. Just like last night when Nick and I got home and the clock said 8:43 PM but really it was 9:43 PM, that makes such a difference. The difference between I have to go to bed now and I have to go to bed in an hour. I was angry. I still am today because I am tired.


  5. I HATE TIME CHANGES!!! I get all confused and swear that I am either an hour late or an hour early depending on the switch. Then I spend the next week saying…yeah but on old time it’s really only…DRIVES ME NUTS!


  6. Ooooh yes. I HATE the “spring forward” time change. As if getting up at 4:15am tues-fri isn’t super fun already, I am now getting up at 3:15am. And it’s not as if going to bed early is easy. When my clock reads the now 9pm time, my body still says no, it’s only 8pm and you’re not tired at all. So I’ll keep you up until the crappy clock says 10 or 11pm and then still make you get up at what your body really knows is 3:15am… AURGH. I hate it. Very crabby this morning because of it. And as soon as we’re used to it, it will be time to “fall back.” Damnit.


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