For those of you wondering how my diet is going

I currently have about 9 boxes of Thin Mints in my pocession.  Along with 5 other boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.  You see, after I posted about wanting to order some, Nevada Nanny contacted me. I ordered about 5 boxes from her.  Then Angie called and I felt bad and ordered a box from her.  She, trying to sabotage me and win on the Tuesday Tummy Tuck bets we have going on showed up with TWO boxes of Thin Mints.  The next day Katie walked in with TWO more and I was all, "oh fuck mama is going to need some fat pants this month."  Only, since then, two weeks ago when I got my first box I have eaten a total of five cookies.  My husband is doing an excellent job of making sure I stick to my diet.  His way of helping is simply to eat all of the cookies himself.  Here is the most recent text message I got from my husband.


"Ate a row of thin mints.  Think ima be sick."

Yes.  He ate an entire row of Thin Mints after he ate lunch today at work.


Let me also tell you.  He and I are trying to be a little healthier.  We are even starting to work out together.  So last night, we worked out, and then ate a very healthy chicken and spinach taco salad for dinner (mine had black beans).  I packed him another salad with more of the spicy chicken for lunch.  I portioned it out, gave him some fruit even and thought, "YAY LOOK AT US BEING HEALTHY."  

This morning I wake up and see an empty box of Thin Mints on the counter.  I thought, hmm maybe Codi pulled one out of the trash and Rob found it in some odd plae this morning.  I trashed it and went on my way.  Only now I know the real reason the box was out is that my silly husband ate an ENTIRE ROW of Thin Mints for lunch.  

My tummy would hurt too babe!

6 thoughts on “For those of you wondering how my diet is going

  1. #1 I did not try to sabotage you! I would never do such a thing! I think I got screwed and ended up with an extra box of cookies and I did not give the extra box to you…I clearly gave it to Brandon! So see I only delivered one box to you…the other was for the adorable little boy who met me at the door and said who are those cookies for??
    #2 Poor Rob’s tummy!!


  2. Haha! Too funny! I love thin mints and the samoa’s… yummy delicious forbidden cookies… so loaded with calories. lol. I can’t believe he ate a whole row either, but it is tempting!


  3. Reason number three why I need a husband!!! I really really love me some thin mints. I am with your husband – I can eat a row of thin mints over the course of an hour. Only if they’re frozen though! And I think frozen calories don’t count as much as non-frozen.


  4. I have stayed the same the last 2 weeks on my diet ~ shouldn’t complain ~ it could have been a gain I suppose!!
    I think that I would feel sick too eating all those chocolates ~ although the idea of it actually quite appeals to me at the moment ha ha .
    Love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXXX


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