Where is the soap

This morning I was trying to get Brandon dressed.  i was pleading with him to please just put his dirty underwear in the hamper.  He got all pissy with me the following is what took place:

Me: Brandon put your underwear in the hamper

Brandon: NO

Me: Brandon you don’t say no, just put your underwear in the hamper sheesh

Brandon: You don’t tell me what to do butt licker



Me: What did you just call me

Brandon: BUTT LICKER ::Breaks into fit of giggles::

Me: Brandon we don’t say that

Brandon: Yes we do, papa said it, and papa says it’s okay BUTT LICKER


Guess he put me in my place huh!

14 thoughts on “Where is the soap

  1. Rachel that is not his dad its his Papa (Grandpa). He is a big JOKER! Him and Brandon are always farting on each other then saying “You going like my but you but licker”. Guess his mom does not think its so funny, its a guy thing.


  2. Hey, PAPA. I don’t know what you had planned for today, BUTT LICKER, but you need to get here ASAP. You, Me, and Brandon are about to have a butt lickin’ meeting. NOW.


  3. Oh man! So glad my two aren’t picking up stuff like that yet!
    And I will totally take responsibility for you coming out of Target with all that crap because you HAD to buy the green machine. It’s awesome!


  4. So what is the green machine? I thought you went back there to get a sweater. I think you could just move into Target you were there twice on Sat. Do you have an envelope that is just for Target to buy crap.


  5. well let me set the story straight.brandon thinks it is funny to try and get papa in trouble.cause how do you get the guy that showed super man how to fly,and knows all the stories about big whomp em chief and his friend Knuckle sandwich take the heat .you blame it on him.and by the way the word is butt snifer .butt licker does not come into play until he is five.always question authority or did you forget that lesson I taught you when you were little


  6. Poor Papa! He always gets blamed for everything right?? I like that he set the record straight in the above comment. Clearly it’s butt sniffer 🙂
    Um and after reading your mom’s comment…I would love to have an envelope dedicated soley to Target that I could just spend. Gosh that would be FABULOUS!


  7. Okay.
    First: Brandon clearly said butt LICKER which means he is making up his own words, but he also CLEARLY blamed papa.
    Second: Mom a green machine is a carpet cleaner, furniture cleaner thing. I did not buy one, I commented to That.Girl that I wanted one after she told me about all the sludge she sucked up in hers from her couch. Then I told her that when I went to Target to buy one and ended up coming home with tons of junk I was going to tell Rob it was all her fault not mine.
    Finally: Angie. A target envelope IF ONLY!


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