Enjoying the Mundane

My husband used to tell me that being a vegetarian while I was pregnant ruined Brandon. He said this because for almost two and a half years Brandon hated meat. In fact for about two and a half years Brandon existed on macaroni, Cheeto’s and string cheese. Then one day it was as if he woke up a new person. Suddenly he loves food. More specific he loves meat. Brandon devours chicken. He loves my roasted chicken, grilled chicken, chicken tacos, CHICKEN covered chicken. He loves steak. He loves Spam (in his world it is meat). He thinks pork tacos are the greatest in the world. He loves brown rice and white rice. He would eat broccoli every day if I let him. Corn of course. He even loves edamame. Last week I even found him eating mushrooms. He likes gravy and bacon and potatoes. Grilled cheese, egg sandwiches, pancakes, yogurt and toast. Spaghetti makes the world go round ad cheese, is like the cherry on top. The point is, Brandon eats. In fact, right now he is eating a soy chocolate ice cream sandwich, yes, my boy eats soy ice cream. In fact here is a clip of the conversation that just took place.
Me: Brandon if you eat all of your dinner you can have a surprise

(Insert 15 minutes of WHATS THE SURPRISE MOMMY here)
At this point I pull his soy ice cream sandwich out and melt it in the microwave for 10 seconds. Then I hand it to him.

Brandon: Mommy is this chocolate for my surprise and ice cream?
Me: Yup sure is
Brandon: This is the best surprise ever
Me: I’m glad you like it
Brandon: Mommy you get a surprise too?
Me: Yeah I’ll have one later
Brandon: No mommy you get a surprise kiss MUAH!
(Insert him blowing me a kiss and me melting and swooning here)
Me: Awww thank you baby
Brandon: Mommy you made this just right for me, you get lots of surprise kisses
Me: (Pretending to catch kisses)
Brandon: Okay mommy this is the last one MUAH…Mommy! That one was a chocolate kiss
Swoon. Die. Melt. End Scene.

Something else strange in our household lately is my enjoyment of the mundane. I’ve always loved cooking which oddly a lot of people hate. But now….wait for it…I LOVE DOING LAUNDRY. Yes I really do. Something about folding it and smelling it and putting it away just makes me burst with fluffy fabric softened joy. I love cleaning Dylans blankets every few weeks so he has fresh ones to enjoy. I love folding tiny clothes. I get sheer joy out of pulling the boys clothes out of the dyer still hot and laying their pants flat and pretty. Something about seeing a closet full of clean clothes excites me. Knowing my boys go to school in fresh clothes each day makes me walk a little taller.

Did I just lose cool points for admitting I like laundry?

Along with the mundane I love giving the boys baths now. I might fuss about it in the beginning but when it is all said and done I am so happy. There is nothing like the smell of a clean baby head. Again, sending my boys to school clean and fresh makes me walk taller with my chest puffed out a little. They never go more then every other day with out a bath. I like them fresh and clean. Squeaky clean like a rubber ducky. My favorite part of bath time is that it is something Rob and I always do together. I love being a team. We each take a kid and wash and dry and lotion them. We each brush a set of teeth and we each put a kid to sleep. The routine and the team work just kills me.

I love sitting on the couch watching TV with Rob. We don’t even have to talk, just be. Something about spending time together with no itinerary or expectations is so nice…when he rubs lotion on my feet during TV time I also really enjoy that.

Finally, I love love love watching Codi dance. When Codi dances I stop everything to watch him. Something about his dancing fills my whole heart with laughter and joy. Codi will dance to anything. Commercials, toys, TV, the radio, even my singing. He has a few dances, rocking his arms and butt around, bouncing up and down, and finally Codi does a perfect PERFECT Axel Rose impression. Perfect! Codi is my clown. Try if you can to picture my sweet little Codi doing a perfect Axel Rose while rocking out to Lynard Skynard.

So you see. I am falling in love with the mundane. What about you? Do you enjoy any of the little silly things in life? If so what are they?

8 thoughts on “Enjoying the Mundane

  1. I looooove sorting, washing, and even folding laundry. I feel an immense sense of accomplishment when I get out a particularly tough stain. I love that our white are WHITE.
    Then its time to put it away.
    Fuck. That.


  2. I decided this morning that my life is actually just like that film ‘Groundhog Day’ ~ where each day is just the same ha ha !!
    BUT ~ I actually like the mundane ~ ironing, washing ~ I would probably be lost without it!!
    (I know ~ I am sad !)
    Love and hugs XXXX


  3. Cooking? Laundry? Ummmm…no thank you. You are weird Shannon.
    However I do enjoy bath time. And listening to Porgie sing Itsy Bitsy Spider. And watching Izzy run. Good times, good times.


  4. I used to love laundry. Really. Now I hate it. Well, washing is fine, I hate the folding and putting away with no cable. Dammit.
    But dishes… ooooooh, I love washing the dishes.
    Pathetic ol foggies.


  5. Come to MY house!! You can do all the laundry you want. =)
    I find it boring. It’s one of my least favorite chores.
    I love vacuuming, though. Even if the toys are still scattered all over the place, a freshly vacuumed floor seems to freshen the place up.


  6. I love doing laundry! What I love about it is opening the bottles of detergent and fabric softener and other stain remover stuff. I heart cleaning products and maybe that’s one of the reasons why I loove laundry. Now I know, I am not alone 🙂
    I am not so into cooking though. I have so many lazy days when it comes to cooking! BUT w/ laundry?!?! I get excited doing it!


  7. YES. I am the same way! I love staying at home, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and taking care of Bayley. I even like taking care of my husband who is exhausted when he’s home (he works full time and goes to school full time and sometimes does landscaping jobs on the side). I love the smell of fresh clothes, I loooove watching Bayley play in the bathtub (it’s her FAVORITE time of day/night), and I think all of that means I am happy with my life and being a wife, mom, and stepmom. To me, happiness is enjoying the simple things. 🙂


  8. I sweep everyday, like twice a day. My happiness is clean floors.
    Laundry..meh,,,but I do laundry daily as well.
    Clean kids yes! I lurve to smell TC’s hair after a bath.


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