* I am driving to San Francisco Wednesday to Meet Dooce and get my copy of her book signed.  Woohoo!

* I made a great dinner last night, Chicken Capresé pasta.  I will be posting the recipe tonight.  While you wait for it think, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, whole wheat pasta and sweet red onions. 

* I still need to post about my last doctor visit.  I’m lagging because I want to compile the best list of information I can for it.  But it’s a doozy.  Basically it will be an entire post devoted to MY CRAZY, with awesome examples.  I give you full permission ahead of time to laugh at me.  

*My parents took Brandon fishing this weekend.  There are two dead fish in my refrigerator.  I am trying not to barf thinking about it.  They plan to eat them tonight.  I plan to hide in my room while this happens.

* I discovered a new cereal, Total Cranberry Crunch.  I love that it is healthy but taste super good.  I also discovered a new coffee creamer. It is Coffemates, Toffee Nut.  It taste like a combo of caramel, vanilla, sugar, and the best candy you have ever eaten.  While I realize this isn’t an actual NEW flavor, it is new to me because I went to a different store this weekend and that is how I discovered it.  I love when you shop somewhere different and find tons of new things.  Don’t even get me started on the pleathera of stuff I discovered at Whole Foods this weekend.


Thats all.  I’ll be back to write a better post tonight I promise!

8 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. That recipe sounds great ~ am looking forward to seeing it!
    I know what you mean about the fish ~ my Dad used to go fishing and then leave them in the fridge ~ I always hated opening the fridge door and seeing them looking at me ha ha !!
    Have a great trip!!
    Love and hugs XXXX


  2. While living in St. Maarten I discovered Honey Bunches of Oats WITH Strawberries. Let me just say that it is like an orgasm in your mouth. You must try it! I tried to find it here in Chicago the other day; no dice. I’m not giving up though!


  3. I am so FN jealous of you right now!! I love Dooce and how cool will it be to get a signed copy of her book? Please post a pic of her signature (now I sound like a freaky stalker). lol


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