I know exactly how Edward feels

I have this friend Ginger.  We hang out a lot.  And every time, with out fail it happens.  She opens my car door to get in, the wind catches her and my entire car is filled with her sent.  This shit.  Every single time the second I can smell her I am torn between wanting to jump out of me seat and lick her or wanting to punch her in the face for smelling so good and being a girl. 

I swear, I totally get how Edward feels whenever Bella walks by.  Some smells are just designed to catch your nose.  For months I wondered if I should steal her smell and slather myself in it.  But no, it is hers.  However when I was walking through the store Sunday and a bar of soap caught my eye.  I picked it up, sniffed and BLAMO yummy goodness in a bar.  It was a different brand so it wasn’t technically stealing her scent was it?  FUCK IT.  I put that bitch in my cart and away I went.  

Last night in the shower I stood there for a good two minutes doing nothing but sniffing my bar of soap.  Mmmmm.  It’s called Kiss My Face Orange and Lime and I swear it is like a little slice of heaven.  It woke me up, and perked me up and made me all smiley and YAY in the shower.   Hopefully now when Ginger gets in my car I won’t want to lunge over my seat and sniff her as much. 

Have you ever had a scent like that?  One that was just so good you kinda wanted to get a spoon and dip it in the lotion to see if it taste as good as it smells?  I’m interested in what flavors make you all YAY it’s a good day? 

(I’ve never done that, nope, not me…I forgo the spoon and lick it right off my arm.  It never taste good, and I never learn.)

7 thoughts on “I know exactly how Edward feels

  1. i am SO like this with scents. Like I just want to EAT them. For me, it’s anything lavender or amber scented. Mmmm. I think i’ll go put on some of my amber lotion and smell my hands for awhile…. har har!


  2. And it’s especially fun when we are in a store together and right in front of the cashier Shannon says “I want to punch you” because I know what she’s talking about, but the cashier just thinks we are insane! I guess it’s better than her saying she wants to lick me in front of strangers though.


  3. I love the body shop stuff ~ I am always in their store over here ~ I love their strawberry shower gel and they have some coconut body butter that is gorgeous ~ yes, I could eat it ha ha !! XXXX


  4. I love exotic coconut from bath & bodyworks…vanilla & coconut… mmmm… heaven. I also love the way my St. Ive’s bodywash smells. It’s grapefruit, lemon, orange… sooo good! And for my fiance… he always wears AXE in phoenix or dimension… and they smelll sooo good!


  5. You know what totally sucks though… when you buy the thing that makes your friend so yummalicious, and then you try it, and you don’t smell like she does. I have been down this road a thousand time with perfumes…it is a bitch. I need to find a scent to make people want to lick me, maybe I will head to the Body shop


  6. My very favorite smell that will make me weak in the knees is “Tommy” from Tommy Hilfiger. OH MAH GAWD!!!!! I want to make out with pretty much EVERY guy that wears it in my presence. MMmmmmmm.


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