Katie’s birthday was last week.  Last night we celebrated her birthday by having dinner.  I had gotten her a present, but as I was gift wrapping it in a Whole Foods reusable lunch bag (her old one was ugly) I remembered something else that drove me nuts.


Since I watch her son I have about 500 pictures of him on my computer, plus a couple cute ones of her and her husband so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I picked up this fancy bulletin board with a brown frame at Walmart for $12.00.  I grabbed some spray glue and pretty pins.  Then I wandered over to the fabric section and grabbed a nice brown and ivory fabric.

First I cut the fabric to size.  then I sprayed it with the spray adhesive.  I used my bench scrape to tuck it under the frame and wala!  I don’t have a picture of it finished but Katie promised to bring it to me tomorrow when she drops of Dylan so I can take a picture of it with all of the pictures.  

I think he office will look terrific with this on the wall!


Since I had a bulletin laying around my house and some fabric left over from when my mom made curtains for Rob, I woke up today and built him one too!

Yes, that is a Super Burrito sticker.  He is that obsessed!

Ain’t it a beauty?  It’s going to hang in his man room.  I left plenty of room for new pictures.  I had more I wanted to print but I ran out of photo paper so this is all he gets for now. 

12 thoughts on “Project

  1. Wow ~ they are wonderful!
    I love that idea ~ I think that I may have to copy this ~ my kids would love one of these each ~ to stick all their ‘special’ bits and peices on!
    Love and hugs Tab XXXX


  2. I got him the sticker too to put on his car but we all know how he feels about his car so he would not sick it on there, I think it looks nice here.


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