Breaking news

Codi just dunked a washcloth in the toilet and rubbed it all over his head, the floors and my walls.


The toilet was full of pee.


This day fails.

11 thoughts on “Breaking news

  1. HAHAH! That’s so funny!!! 😀 Sorry, but your last line of “This day fails” totally cracked me up! If it makes you feel any better, we woke up the other morning to find that our dog drank every last drop out of the toilet the other night… which, according to my husband, was full of pee. Niiiiice. Note to self: NEVER LET DOG’S MOUTH NEAR MY FACE AGAIN.


  2. He was just trying to help you clean and wash himself up… He could have gotten a cup and dipped it in for a glass of water too since he can’t reach the sink. My dog used to drink all the water too out of the toilet. But hell! My cats and dogs lick their BUTTS all the time and then I get BIG KISSES from them.


  3. I am still laughing!
    That was very helpful of your sweet little chap (ha ha!!).
    Do you hire him out ~ my bathroom could do with a clean ~ minus the pee of course LOL!


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