Nice try dad

I’m upstairs laying in bed with Codi, like I do most mornings making sure he doesn’t jump off our bed, suddenly I hear little footsteps coming running into my room and right up into my face…


"MOMMY LOOK!!!!!!  Daddy gave me a cookie, he said it was a secret cookie!  I have a secret cookie.  Bye mom."


Your secret is out dad!


**Update on the "secret" cookie.  After talking to my husband, it appears that Brandon woke up this morning and asked Rob for a snack while he was getting ready for work.  My husband (Rob) told Brandon he could have some chocolate milk, and a cookie.  He also said, "DON’T TELL MOM ABOUT THE COOKIE IT IS A SECRET."

Seems to me that maybe my husband should have explained to Brandon what a secret was before he told him to keep something a secret!

6 thoughts on “Nice try dad

  1. Hahaha, that is hilarious. My kids were home last night with the hubs while I was working and when I got home the house was a DISASTER. This morning I asked the kids if Dad did anything while I was at work and they gave me an honest reply. NO. Kids like to tell the truth…that is for sure.


  2. My kids can’t keep a secret either ~ and if I tell them that it is a secret and they must not say ~ they let it slip out anyway and then say “Oh that was a secret wasn’t it” !!
    I give up!! XXX


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